Wednesday, December 01, 2010

NOVEMBER 2010:  this month winter arrived and brought with it many adventures, our pipes froze and then burst, chris got stuck in his garbage truck, i bought peppermint creamer for my coffee and drank a lot of it, i took pictures of marta for her website, i scrapbooked a ton and felt a renewed sense of creativity, i was inspired and supported by many lovely muses, i did a lot of ASL interpreting, i started working on my medical transcription coursework again, i set new goals, i had my pictures taken by marta, began work on my website, ate a lot of homemade caramel corn, lost and found our poor little puppy (what a story!!), took notes on a talk about the strength of vulnerability, shared a part of my heart on my scrapbook pages, took a walk in the leaves before they were covered with snow, got a new phone, shared what ACCEPTANCE means to me, re-found a favorite artist, had our meeting canceled cuz of the snow, woke up screaming from a horrible nightmare, enjoyed a lovely visit with my mum, took 4 more self-portraits and wrote a couple poems, had a couple pages featured at Cartwheels in my Mind, so tons of hand stitching on my December kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, planned a weekend getaway, got excited for new music coming out, watched some cute movies, had photoshop elements crash on me and got awesome technical support from Erin of MCP actions, shot my first session in all manual, had my yearly egg-nog milkshake from McDonalds, played Phase 10 dice with chris, laughed sooo hard at, got a new stove, listened to chris say funny things in his sleep, got super fast internet thanks to my DROIDx and tethering it to my computer, made breakfast with chris and dreamed of tousled hair. it was a good month.

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  1. I had never heard of that website before, but clicked the link and have laughed so hard at the first few posts that I had to come back and thank you for a new favorite. Thanks, I needed a laugh today!! :)