Saturday, March 28, 2009

the results of a fun night spend scapping...

marta and i had a lot of fun on friday night. :) i enjoy her company soooo much. the only thing about scrapping with company is that it seems like i do more visiting than actual creating. hehe. oh well. here are the two pages i finished.

this page is for the current song up over at Scrapping The Music. its the song: "white horse" by taylor swift. there are some great lyrics in the song and the line: this aint hollywood, this is a small town" is what i chose. these are fun pictures that i thought would go well. :)

this page is for the current Effer Dare: where you sleep. <3>

now chris and i are in wenatchee. abi had her "bath and kitchen" bridal shower yesterday here. man, she got soooo many presents!! wow. then we all hung out over at nate's place. we have so much fun all of us together. i'm glad to have such good friends.

we're spending the rest of the weekend with chris' parents. they got a new bigger mattress for the guest bedroom, so we got to sleep in there instead of on the hide-a-bed. its a memory foam matress. dude...that was a good night's sleep. now chris is desperate for us to get one of our own. we'll see how that goes...

i hope everyone has a good weekend. :)
and dont' forget that on monday there will be a new prompt up over at THe CrEatiVe TyPe. you're gonna wanna play along this time!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

its thursday...
but there is nothing that {i love} about it! haha.

right now the shop that i work at is getting audited. yikes! big job to make sure everything is up to par. i'm knee deep in files and paper cuts!
so that's what i've been up to this week.
sorry i have been away...

chris and i are slowly getting over having Influenza A. dude...that sucked. chris is still coughing bad, like -cough till you choke- coughing. poor guy. :( feels like he's been sick forever!

on my days off this week i totally got some spring cleaning done! wahoo!! cleaned out our hall closet, our bedroom closet, and my little scrapbooking room. i had a big pile of stuff to donate that chris dropped off for me today. and now you can see the floor in my scrapbooking room. i don't really do much scrapping in there (mostly do it at work) so it kinda became the "dump-all" room.
look....the floor!! :P
my pile of donation stuff. lots of shoes!!

i am looking forward to the weekend though. friday night marta and i are going to a scrapbooking crop night at the local scrapbooking store. its been soooo long since i scrapped with friends. i'm really excited! i've got to get organized and have some projects ready to work on.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

some scrapping...
i felt inspired today so i did some creating.
just wanted to share with you.

the font on this page was created by one of my favorite scrapbooker and blog-friends: katie*cupcake. check out her blog for a link to the download. when i read she'd created a font from her own handwriting i was sooo excited! couldn't wait to use it. this is the page i created. its even got some poladroid fun! :D

this page is all about the beach in chelan and the story behind these two pictures. i've got the journaling typed out on Flickr if you'd like to read it. these are precious pictures to me...

well, that's all for today!
i hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

{things i love} thursday
its that day of the week again! so much fun stuff on Flickr this week. *sigh* makes me feel better just looking at awesome pictures. :)
take a peek! they're worth clickin on, i promise!

1. early morning sun., 2. After a Meal, 3. 137/365/year2, 4. Week Twenty Six. (!), 5. (268/365), 6. 53/365, 7. it keeps on turnin'..., 8. Purple & Yellow, 9. 131/365/year2 hmm....i think i like this one best.

also this week THe CrEatiVe TyPe and Scrap Outside the Box have new prompts up! both of them are so creative and fun!

Prompt #13 for THe CrEatiVe TyPe is: "lyrical"
use song lyrics on your project. i created this mini (totally inspired by jen and her poladroid mini!) for marta with pictures and memories from our trip to seattle to see Adele. i called it: Chasing Pavements ~ the roadtrip.
here are pics of a few pages:
hope on over to see the other ladies creations. seriously, the DT just gets better and better!!!

Challenge #3 at Scrap Outside the Box is: "rubber bands"
create a layout with rubber bands. how fun is this?? and challenging! come play with us too!
here is my creation. i used pictures of my cousin hannah and her husband that i took a couple years ago for their anniversary.

now how bout some fun pictures from the bridal shower last friday?? oh yeah!! :D
the shower was held at the Renaissance Suite at the Red Lion Hotel. it was this huge room with a hot tub on the deck, a kitchenette, a bedroom with a king size bed, and two bathrooms. seriously the perfect place for a party!
it was your average bridal shower...lots of presents, good food, some wine, good friends. we played some fun games too. the "question game" for abi with questions about nate. the ones she got wrong she had to chew a peice of bubble gum. her mouth was sooo full!! good times!
we also split into 3 teams and created a wedding dress out of TP. abi chose her favorite, and my team won! it was a lot of fun!
after the party was over our group of girls (the bridal party and a couple friends) went downstairs to the lounge for karaoke night. there was even an 80 year old elvis impersonator! crazy fun night.
then, the best part of using the suite for the party is that we all got to stay overnight! hung out in the hot tub for awhile and fell into bed about 4am. WOW! crazy good time!
now for the pics:

"the ladies" front: abi (the bride) and me. back: brenna (maid-of-honor), lexie, jena, dana (bridesmaid) we had sooo much fun together!

singing "my humps" at karaoke night in the lounge at the hotel.

pretty dana and her wedding dress made of TP

i had so much fun! i'm getting so excited for this wedding!

well, that's it for me this thursday....
what did you come across that you just {loved}??
link me up!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i won!!!

i've been out of commission for a few days cuz chris and i got the flu, but when i got back online i found out some FABULOUS THINGS!!!

first off...i posted a comment on the MAMBI blog for a chance to win a chipboard mini-book rack. and i found out today that i won!!
included is one of debee campos's new album kits. she is so inspiring and this kit looks AWESOME. check out this post on her blog for a closer look at it. terrific eh??

secondly, i got an e-mail from the lovely elaine who sponsored the recent "Lace" challenge over at The Art is Found. i won that too!!! look at the fabulous art journal i get from her etsy shop:
dude...i soooo needed a day like this!!
thanks so much ladies!

i'll be back later with pictures from the bridal shower. lots and lots of fun!!
whoop whoop!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

{things i love} thursdays

inspired by a newly discovered Flickr group, i'm going to start a series on my blog called: things i love thursdays. first i will be bringing you a mosaic of my current Flickr faves. i am addicted to this place, and am always finding some brilliant inspiration.
here is my mosaic for this week: (click on the links below to see these shots close up. they're worth a click!)

1. Untitled, 2. ., 3. Hitched., 4. Untitled, 5. the sun, 6. :D, 7. Nikki and Scott, 8. Self-acceptance (365/342), 9. family, 10. valentine :], 11. “The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”, 12. day three hundred thirty nine. from the bottom of my sole(s)., 13. love, 14. ... can make this world seem right, 15. ., 16. being brave eeeeeeek

next i'd like to share with you a fantastic (and addicting) site called Polyvore. my blogger friend holly linked it up on her blog this morning (check out her creations...they're FAB!!) and i had to take a look. this is the outfit i 'designed.' i call it: Purple Rain. a fun mix of orange, purple, and gray. <3 luv luv! what do you {love} today??
link me up!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the things in my world...

things are spinning.
its a marry-go-round i just want off of.
but instead i take a few steps to the middle, stretch out my arms, slowly stand and realize i can still see the world around me if i just look.

so its been awhile since i really wrote about anything from "real life." its been nice to just be wrapped up in the goodness that is my "online life." scrapping and friends and photography.
but there are some major things going on right now...
  • we owe the IRS money from our taxes this year. lets just say it was a major "shaina blond moment" that lasted a year and is costing us BIG TIME now.
  • my brother michael is in the hospital in seattle. he's been living with a rare genetic disease called Goodpasture's syndrome, and things are getting worse. right now he's on steroids, going through a therapy called plasmophoresis and is on chemo. my dad is over there with him now. its a tense and trying time for my family. i'm really worried about him...especially now that he's going to be a dad. (yup, i'm gonna be an aunt!) i'm hoping he has some positive results from the treatment. we should know more by the end of the week.
  • money sucks. well, the lack of money sucks. enough said.
  • chris and i are working our way through a rough patch. its been a hard month... but i am falling more in love with him as i see him react and love and forgive. i couldn't imagine my life without him, and don't want to.
  • we have two cars that we can't sell, but they don't run. we dont' drive them or insure them, so cuz we couldn't aford it we've let the tabs expire. turns out that a huge no-no in our tiny town. if we don't get current tabs on them by thursday they're towing them. :(
  • i'm feeling like i keep messing everything up.
but i have a feeling things are on the way to recovery...
i've acknowledged my failings. i have found forgiveness.
i am still loved.

there are positives in life to. things that are good:
  • this weekend is abi's bridal shower. its going to be a BLAST!! pool party. how cool is that idea??
  • this season of American Idol is going to rock!! megan is my favorite. :D who do you like??
  • a sister from the hall brought us a whole box of meat and veggies today from her freezer. our congregation has been so kind and supportive of us. they're so giving and caring. sometimes their love blows me away.
  • my brother micah makes me smile. i love him so much.
  • chris is my best friend.
so what are your positives in life right now?? i'd love to hear.
i hope the sun is shining wherever you are...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

have you seen this before??

the fabulous Jen used it this week to make her mini for the dares. take a look at it here.

so today i decided to play around with it a bit. here are some fun poladroids i created.

go give it a try. you know you want to. :D

and while you're checking things out online...stop by THe CrEaTive TyPe blog. us typists decided we needed a face-lift and i volunteered. go check out the blog re-design i did over there. let us know what you think..and try out the challenge!!

enjoy your weekend friends!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

just the other day...

for work i got to travel, and it was seriously the perfect day for it.
the sun was out and it felt like spring.
so i sync'd my phone up to our car, got my music playing, my sunglasses on, and went for a mini-roadtrip.
so nice.

and then just this morning i noticed the first crocuses of spring blooming just outside our door.
i'm so excited for spring...
and the sunshine.

happy spring everyone!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

welcome march

can you believe it? its the third month of the year 2009 already! where does the time go??

so what do i do for my first blog post of this (hopefully) wonderful month??

first of all, i want to link you up with some fantastic blogs i *heart* .
  • The Marriage Mix : blog founder and fantastic writer: cara harjes. she is an amazing writer...tells it like we all know it is. she is real, and this blog is worth checking out and adding you your list of reads. its for anyone that is married, was married, is thinking about marriage, wishes they were married, is having trouble with their marriage, or is happily married. its just about life.
    i'm in awe of her and her writing.
  • heARTful of HOPE : one of my dearest blog-friends, jamie, has been battling not only with the economy (like all of us) but also with a recent MS diagnosis. but she is so brave, inspiring, and full of life. and also a genius!! to help keep her family from forclosure, overwhelming medical bills, and the anxieties of life she's started this new blog and has been creating works of art to sell on ebay! check her listings HERE. for just a few dollars you could help out this much deserving family and have an original piece of art!
    she is worth it. <3
  • {create*loves} : holly girl is such a creative wonder! she's always got something beautiful to share, and just did a month of sketch challenges. so much fun! i *heart* her. :
and here are some of my most recent layouts. i'm on a roll! welcome back mojo!!

this layout is for the most recent word-up over at OLW: "see" and i totally stole that quote from AW. but what can i say?? i think it fits. :)

my dear friend amanda. these pics were just after we met. i found them the other day and just needed to scrap them. i miss her so bad! and i used some hambly. luv!

i just love this picture of dad, kj, and i. missing him a lot lately...

and guess what else?? its new prompt time over at THe CrEatiVe TyPe!!
its a fun one, and we've got an awesome guest designer. you're not gonna want to miss this!
"In Stitches"
here is my layout:

that's all for now...
i hope everyone has a great march!