Monday, June 30, 2008

"we gonna party cuz its the weekend!!"
weekend update

i worked on saturday like usual. :) then chris picked me up and we headed down to wenatchee for band practice. now that we live in soap lake we are close enough for chris to make practice regularly and be back in the band. and that means i'm back wearing my "i'm with the band" t-shirt i made! :) yay. love it!

my boy...the singer

rory...the lead guitar
stewart... (he plays a mean...)drum

nate-dog...(not the bassist, but was giving it a go)...backup vocals and strings

good times!
i love these guys. they call themselves "thick&thin" lots of good memories with these guys. they are thinking of doing a gig at this place in wenatchee called "the raven." so we went there for dinner after practice to check it out. being saturday night there was band playing. they were called "another 5th" and were pretty good. interesting mix of instruments and the lead singer was from new zealand.
we had a really good time and the food was amazing!! hopefully the guys will be able to play there soon. its a great venue.

sunday chris and i just had a day home alone together. a much needed one at that. we slept, watched some tv, and talked. we also got out chris' guitar and my keyboard and played some music together. we're practicing for anthony and gwen's wedding in august. we are singing a song that chris wrote. love it! and we're getting it all together. it sounds really good if i do say so myself!

today i'm at work. its the end/beginning of the month this week, so its going to be pretty busy. i will probably be working every day, except friday of course, which is the 4th. we have plans in kennewick with my friend derek and his girlfriend nina. i'm so excited to meet her.

in other news: i signed up for a photography class on SIS. i'm so excited about it. it is 10 days long and just an online class with live chat with the teacher. should be fun.

i'm also already working on ideas for the new prompt up at TAIF. loving this idea! stay tuned for what i come up with! :)

have a great monday!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

another one....i'm on a roll!!

another magazine cutout! how great is that quote??!! i also used my new little acrylic stamp on here from my SFAC kit. its the little girls there (the set has a boy too). i <3 how this turned out.
the journaling reads: this best friends...the two of us...right now.
the picture is an oldie but a goodie! one of my favorites. my mom is the photographer. have i mentioned how amazing she is behind a camera!?? for seriousness!

Friday, June 27, 2008

art up!!

these two layouts are for The Art Is Found. the prompt there right now is to use magazing/cataloge images. kinda been in a wedding mood so these were the perfect fit. the wedding plans LO consists of actual cutouts and ideas i had in my notebook i used as i planned our wedding. the cover of the notebook is on the LO too. i had a lot of fun making these.

also, since i'm in a wedding mood i thought i would share an album i made awhile ago as a sample at huckleberry's. my boss let me keep it. it is a chipboard album in the shape of the word love. BoBunny makes them and the come in all sorts of different words. i made quite of few of these for the store and as gifts. too much fun!

speaking of art...i got some goodies in the mail today. my scrap for a cure mini-kit came!! yay! there are the cutest little girl&guy acrylic stamps in it that are just perfect for jennifer and derrik's album. (which is coming along quite nicely!)

so i'm off to scrapbook some more now... in-between customer's of course! ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

so you think you can dance

ok. so i've admitted to being a fan of reality tv. my newest (or should i say our newest, even though chris wouldn't admit it in public) is so you think you can dance.
there are some crazy awesome dancers on this show. so entertaining to watch. last night was no exception. i wanted to share my favorite dance with you. it was chelsea and mark's performance to "bleeding love" by leona lewis.
great song. amazing performance.
hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

anniversary festivities

the day started off perfectly...
we woke up early. stayed in bed and cuddled for a bit. gave each other our cards.
(the one he gave me was so sweet. his note said that this has been the best year of his life)
i cried a little. (imagine that)
and then gave him the book i made for him.
he looked at it, read each word, looked at every picture, savored each page (if a guy can savor) just like i hoped he would. he looked at it twice. he said he loves it.
that made me so happy.

then we got up and went to the meeting. it was a really good watchtower study. chris made a comment on one paragraph saying that he knew he was ready for marriage when he stopped worrying if the girl was good enough for him and started focusing on whether he was good enough for her. so cute. the article has really helped us with some decisions we've been making lately about our life. it is a beautiful thing to feel jehovah's spirit and direction in our life.

after the meeting and lunch we took our usual sunday afternoon nap. sun streaming in through the windows, fan going, perfect.

then we ate the top of our cake from our wedding. chris's mom had saved it for us and we picked it up last week. wow....still SO good after a year. white chocolate cake with hazelnut cream filling. yummy! we just took a couple forks to it!

then we went to the little party a sister in our congregation had for us. it turned out so nice. they made a dinner and invited a few families to come. we had such a great time. they had a cake for us, and gifts. we got a bunch of pampered chef stuff that chris is IN LOVE with.
we played dice and card games and stuff. good times. good new friends.
i'm so glad we're here.

flowers from the party. the sister had no idea these were my favorite flowers and the kind i used in our wedding. aren't they beautiful?

this is my good friend lisa that i made here in soap lake. she is a gem. she scrapbooks and is a photographer. i love spending time with her.

so that is all for now. all in all it was a wonderful anniversary. i can't wait for what our next year together brings.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

one year ago....

tomorrow is our one year anniversary. just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from our wedding. it was seriously the best day of my life.

and i fall more and more in love with this amazing man everyday!

here's to all of you finding a love as strong. it is worth the wait and worth the work. what a blessing...

this is my new LO for the OneLittleWord prompt. the word right now is strong. there are so many directions you could take this word. i chose a simple direct statement:
"i am strong now and then, but i'm getting there."

its a process...a journey. one i'm glad i'm on.
still working on jennifer and derrik's album. had a little mishap today and dropped the stazOn onto my shirt. we are talking permanent ink here folks! ouch. oh well. took a picture and used it for my 365 for today! :)

i've been working on a couple ideas for layouts for the art is found prompt for this time around. it is to use magazine images. i have some things up my sleeve. can't wait to share!

Friday, June 20, 2008

12 things to be happy for....

(inspired by Ali Edward's post yesterday...and 12 because its my number!)

1) sushi for lunch!
2) making decisions about life
3) finding inspiration online for my life and my scrapbooking
4) a job that i LOVE
5) a husband that loves me
6) our new congregation full of loving brothers and sisters
7) that my grandpa is doing better
8) awesome coffee
9) new music fun
10) scrapbooking
11) new clothes from lisa
12) a fun summer to look forward to

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Beginnings

i started work on derrik and jennifer's wedding album. i love working with these colors! this is going to be a fun project! i just hope that they like the finished product.

chris is still feeling really sick and dizzy. i don't think he's going to make it to work tomorrow. :( gonna be small paychecks for a lot of our family these couple weeks. but jehovah will provide.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

days of hospitals and real life
this is the hospital in wenatchee where chris and i have spent a lot of time this past week and a half. grandpa is still in critical care, but things are looking up. they are hoping to move him to a different wing of the hospital today.

but yesterday i got another call...
from chris' boss...
she took him to the Emergency Room in moses lake!!!!
so his parents and i got in the car and drove over there as fast as we could. turns out he has a virus in his ear and is suffering from extreme vertigo. my poor baby. so now he is off work for a couple of days and drugged up pretty good. hopefully he will be feeling better soon.

lets just say im sick of the hospital!
here he is this morning...sleeping...hopefully he does a lot of that today. it will help.


this morning my mom drove over from spending a week and a half in wenatchee. she showed up after their early morning shift at the hospital, and was tired. so i covered her with a blanket on our couch and let her take a bit of a nap. then we went to my favorite little restaurant here in soap lake called the tumbleweed cafe and had breakfast. so yummy!

dad sent her to see us, to check on chris, and to give us our anniversary present. it is a huge big clock to add to our wall of clocks!!! (see pictures below) so perfect! i have been wanting a big one like that for awhile now. it matches our house really well and is a great addition to my collection! loving it!

so now i'm back at work today. we're out of money so we will be staying home for a bit now. but we're glad we got to go and be with family through all of this.

right now i'm:
-hoping chris feels better by friday so he can go back to work and help with the inventory
-looking forward to our anniversary
-eager for the day to be done so i can go home and take care of my hubs
-glad my mom came to see us this morning
-happy kelly got a cell phone so i can text my best friend!
-praying that grandpa gets better soon
-loving that i got to hear my brother micah's voice on the phone

i also wanted to share some other things just from my everyday life.

i got a new cd the other day... SIA. she is a brilliant singer and the cd has a very jazzy feel to it. loving it so far.

also, chris and i have been watching a CMT original show called "Can You Duet?" its kinda like american idol but its country music and a duet. the season finale was this last week. my favorite duet caitlin and will (below) won!!! wahoo! i was so excited. i even got chris into watching this, and he hates country music! :P can't wait for their album to come out.

great singers....great music...great TV!

well, that's it for today...kinda a long post! :D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

on a pleasant note.....

its our one year anniversary in a week. i can't believe chris and i have already been married one whole year. in some ways its gone by so other ways it feels like we've always been together. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.

he has been so supportive this last week. we've made 4 trips to wenatchee to visit my grandpa and family in the hospital. chris has been with me the whole time. he is so kind and loving. i couldn't imagine my life without him now.

my brother michael is here from georgia to be with the family in the hospital. i haven't seen him in almost 3 years. good to see his face again. we used to be so close. it makes me sad how things change in life. i wish that i could have a good relationship with all of my siblings. but that doesn't always happen. i'm glad that he came up though. its a sad time, but its good to all be together.

grandpa is doing a little bit better today. they took him off the ventilator and his O2 stats are back where the docotors want them to be. he has been talking up a storm...telling norwegian jokes the the nurses and stuff. the doctors want him to be quiet and just rest, so they have pretty much kicked us all out of there for now. i wish everyone would just go and get some sleep. that would do us all some good.

my in-laws have been so kind this past week. they have let my parents and siblings stay in their house and fed them breakfast and dinner. a definate blessing in times like have a place to stay and not have to worry about how much its costing. they are such kind people. i love them.

chris is going home tonight because he has to work. i don't work until wednesday so i'm going to stay. chris thinks it will be a good thing for me to be here for my parents, even if i can't help at all with grandpa. i think he's right.

our congregation is having a little party for us next sunday for our anniversary. i really love all the brothers and sisters in our new hall. they are so kind and take care of us. its really starting to feel like home.

so, until next time... take care all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


days of stress and family emergencies. i'm feeling very overwhelmed....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


on monday night at 6 i got a call from my mom.
my grandpa engh had a heart attack and they were shipping him to wenatchee on an ambulance.
chris and i left as soon as he got home from work.
it was like a family reunion in the ER.

what a night.....first they said that the omak doctors were wrong and he hadn't had one. then they did more tests and got that figured out. he had. a bad one. doctors are retarded sometimes.

we had do head home about midnight cuz chris had to work on tuesday and we both had talks on the Theocratic Ministry School. but everyone else stayed. they are still there right now. my parents haven't slept in days.

the got some more tests back a couple hours ago. the doctor said it isn't looking good. he only has 20% blood flow capabilities, and doesn't qualify for heart surgery.

i wish that i could be there for my family. i feel helpless here.

i am sad.
and in pain. i finally went to the chiropractor for my rib that i had out. $80 later im breathing without sharp pains but now my whole back just throbs.

when it rains it pours.....

Friday, June 06, 2008


this is my first layout for the OLW challenge blog. i had fun scrapbooking last night. i couldn't sleep so it was as good a time as any. i enjoyed it. i am going to try and do this more. really delve back into my creative side and have some fun. i also found another challenge blog online called "the art is found." the current challenge there was about the use of envelopes. here is my layout for that: its called unwritten.

there ya go! so much fun. hoping to keep it up. :)

its friday and that means its the weekend! wahoo! chris and i are going to wenatchee tomorrow after i'm done work. his parents bought us an air conditioner for our anniversary. and believe me we need it! getting to be crazy hot summer already. so we're going to pick it up from them and visit with them a bit.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend also!

laters. :P

Thursday, June 05, 2008

* this makes me smile *
this is one of my friends chantel....better know as tilly. i met her a few years ago and we just instantly hit it off. we don't see each other very often, but when we do we always have some good times! :P this picture was from Jeana's wedding. loving this.

thanks tilly! you rock!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day." - Nicholas Sparks

i cried at a star wars book.
enough said.

chris has been reading me star wars books for awhile now. we are in the second book of the heir to the empire series. leia has been pregnant in the series so far and we just read the part where she gave birth to her twins jaina and jacen.
i bawled.
chris laughed at me. but that's ok. it is pretty humorous. :P

i love that chris reads to me before bed. we're just big dorks.
loving life together.

its raining here today. its no nice. everything smells good and fresh. i love spring rains.
here's to hoping you all are enjoying your spring. :)