Friday, January 14, 2011

i am beginning

i am beginning to change the things i feed my body.  i can already tell a difference.

i am beginning a new friendship from an old awkward acquaintance. 

i am beginning to do something just for me every day.

i am beginning to watch hair style tutorials.  i want to start to do more with my hair.

i am beginning to plan promotional ideas for my 52weeks book.

i am beginning to write my journal.  which has made this space a little quiet lately.  its seems that part of my embracing these new beginnings this year has been really stepping back and figuring out who i truly am.  what do i want my life to be, and how can i get there.  i know that  blogging will always be a part of me.  but i want to really define and calibrate my voice as a blogger, i want to be true to me and not feel like i need to compare myself with anyone else.  i want to look at my life and look at my blog (and online presence in general)  and feel like its ME.  i want to write and live from the heart.

this is the beginning.  and i like how its looking...  :)

ps.  the picture above is my OLW ring i purchased from this etsy seller:  tiny tokens designs.  really great price and lovely product.  im soooo happy with how it turned out.  its a positive reminder every time i look down at my hands. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i am grateful...

today was a surprise special day.  husband sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers at work. and my boss was here today so i got to show them off.  it made me feel so special and loved.

and then he took me out on a date!!  we went to our favorite Chinese place in Moses Lake.  we just sat together and talked all night and then got ice cream on the way home.  such a fun evening together.
and the third thing im grateful for today:  how good this man of mine smells!! ;)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Inside Out

i can't believe how fast the last 6 months went by during which i was honored to be on the design team for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.  it might sound cliche to say, but i really learned so much about myself with the creation of my pages every month for their themes.  the kits push you to dig deep and create from your heart.  as part of my application for another term on their design team i created a page all about the things i'd learned over the last 6 months.  i didn't make the team, but i wanted to share the page i created.  it makes me smile.

thank you everyone at SFTIO for the opportunity i had and the friendships that i know will continue.  its was an honor. :)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

welcome 2011: let's begin

my one little word for this year is:
this word is a verb meaning: 1) to perform the first or earliest part of some action; commence; start 2) to come into existence; arise; originate 3) to be the originator of.  its synonyms include such words as: inaugurate, actualize, establish, instigate, introduce, generate, impel, open, prepare, produce, undertake, become functional. 
this is how i am approaching the year 2011... with the intention of opening myself up to the possibility held by this word.  i want to begin so many things, and also finish what i start.  i want to savor the beginnings of things and recognize the change they bring.  i want to "be the originator" of action and progress and movement.

i want to begin to live.

are you journying through 2011 with a word also?  i would love to hear your OLW story.  please feel free to link to your blog so i can read and share with you this year.  i have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful year.