Saturday, January 31, 2009

what a privilege

the design team for THe CrEative TyPe was asked to create for becky from PageMaps this month and i got to be included! seriously inspiring!! this pagemap totally pushed my creative boundaries and really got me thinking. i hardly ever use tiny pictures like this. too much fun!!

here is my pagemap and the layout i created:

i had so much fun working on this. thanks becky for the opportunity and to my gals over at THe CrEative TyPe... we totally rocked this!!

check out all the pagemaps for this month here!

and check out THe CrEative TyPe's newest prompt also.... retro fonts!! soooo much fun.

(ps. i will be back as soon as i can with pictures and the story from the Adele concert. seriously AMAZING!!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

kinda back, kinda not

:( so this computer is freaking out!! we're probably going to have to take it somewhere to completely clean the hard drive. the internet is kinda working today though, so i wanted to share!!

my dear friend dani and i decided to get together and do ART SLAM's a month worth of diptych's. we picked out 30 words and are each creating something based on that word for the day. we're not able to do it consecutively just cuz of my computer problems, but i wanted to share the four we've done already.





hopefully i can get some more completed soon! its fun creating as partner.
<3 ya dani!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


just a quick not to let you know my computer at work is having some "technical difficulties" lately, so i might be a little MIA for a few days.

know i'll miss you all here in blog-land!!

<3 shaina

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

something fun to share!!

on the 26th of this month my friend marta and i are going to seattle to see:


i am SO excited. i've been mesmerized by her voice since the first time i heard "chasing pavements" and haven't looked back. the whole album in amazing.
can't wait! can't wait!

Monday, January 12, 2009

new prompt day!!!

we took a break over the holidays over at THe CrEative TyPe, but now we're back with a vengeance!!
Prompt #9: "resolutions"

here is my take:

hop on over to and play along with us.
its gonna be a great new year!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i found this today and just had to share.


Friday, January 09, 2009

i think things are looking up!

let me tell you, its been a rough week. i've been physically hurting, and emotionally hurting, and just drained. i've started eating different, and i think its gonna take my body a bit to get used to it. but today i am feeling better. :)

"the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Lao Tzu

i have begun my journey to a healthier, happier me.
i decided to sign up for Ashely Wren's class, sponsored by SIS.
its complete motivation, inspiration, and support.
there are 21 days of class assignments that jump-start the process and message boards that will continue through the rest of the year.
i think this is exactly what i need.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the things i didn't do

i didn't permanently re-injure myself. no major harm done from my fal, but i'm still pretty gimpy (and whiny for some unlike me). and the x-rays hurt so bad!!!

i didn't make the CMK design team. :( but i'm so excited for all the wonderful ladies that did!!! i'm so glad i found that place. awesome, inspirational, encouraging people. :)

i didn't get nearly as much accomplished today as i had hoped and planned... but i did finish re-designing suzy's blog for her, and i got a project organized with my friend dani ( so excited to start this!!!)

i didn't eat healthy today... and i pretty much hate myself for it. there is no use spending money on a class that i can't even live up to in the first 3 days. so much for "love yourself in 2009."

its a day full of "didn't" s. maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, January 05, 2009

its the 5th and i have a HUGE update to do already!! :D

my 1st was soooo much fun. my friends lisa and marta and i got together for a FULL DAY of scrapbooking. it was a blast!! its been so long since i did a group crop like that. its nice to be around people who understand the craft and can encourage and inspire. :)

i did 7 brand new layouts! just fun ones...ones i have been wanting to create. and now i get to share 'em with you too!

but now i've run into a new dilemma... i'm out of room in my albums! gonna need to do some shopping. :D

so that was thursday!

then on friday i had a full day of work, and let me tell you, things were crazy!! for those of you that don't know, i work at a small payday loans/check cashing shop. and we were so swamped. we ran out of money...literally! and the bank only had 20s. seriously crazy day! and then, in the evening when i went to do the deposit, i slipped out front of the shop, which was literally a solid sheet of ice (apperently the building owner does not allow ice melt! retard!). i pretty much did the splits and then landed hard on my left knee. for any normal person this is probably no biggie...plan for a bruise, whatever. but for me its a bit different! back in 2004 i was in a pretty horrible car accident and fractured my pelvis in 3 places. and i think i've hurt it again with my fall. :( i'm really worried about it. so i've got a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon. hopefully everything will be okay!!

then it was saturday!! january 3rd. our friends derek and nina were married in bend, oregon. (remember them?? chris and i were there when he proposed back in july!) it was a long trip for us. 6 hours! but so worth it. it was important for me to be there for my friend. i've known him since i was 9! chris and i had such an awesome little road trip. a couple new cd's, lots of sunshine, dry roads, and our cute little car.

and it was such a nice wedding!
the happy couple derek & nina
we did a little shopping in bend before the wedding and got chris a purple shirt to wear (cuz i wanted to match, and he is so good to me!)
then it was sunday! we got a hotel in bend for the weekend, which was cool. actually our first time staying in a hotel since our honeymoon! LOL. so we slept in, ate breakfast together, and just relaxed a bit. then we packed up and headed to the verizon store. the weirdest thing has been happening since i got my new phone. i've been getting strange, random calls at all hours of the night from a number that doesn't even look right. it has two extra digets. so i went to verizon store to see if they knew what it was, or what to do. (cuz seriously it was getting ANNOYING!! middle of the night, at least every other day, and no one on the other end when i answer). customer service decided it was probably an international number, and the only thing to do to resolve the issue was to change my number.
oh well. at least the calls have stopped!
so for those of you that would like my new number plese just e-mail me at and i'll send you the updated number.

then we headed back to washington. decided to go through kennewick to stop and visit with nate and abi. :D had dinner with them and then went to see seven pounds.! crazy good movie.

then we headed home and it seriously turned into a BLIZZARD!!! snow coming down like i've never seen, people driving like retards.... yikes. but chris got us home safe and sound.

all in all, its been a WONDERFUL 2009 so far. :D i can't wait to see what else is to come....