Thursday, October 30, 2008

the seminar was SO TERRIFIC!

so terrific in fact that i paid for and brought home this:

Course #1!!!
i'm now training at home to become a medial transcriptionist.
there are so many advantages to this profession and i'm so excited to get started. the class is a step-by-step, study at your own pace, in your free time course. studying just 15-20 hours a week will get you finished with the full course and completely certified in about 5 months.

the seminar last night talked in detail about medical transcription and the growing need for skilled workers in this field. in this system, the medical field is fast becoming one of the only profession with "job security." people will always get sick and go to the doctor. through this course you learn the skills needed to be a medical transcriptionist, establish your own businees, and make a living working out of your own home. it is a job that could be suited to so many different kinds of people and circumstances. i'm hoping that it will work out for me and my little family.

check it out! :

so far i've already finished with lessons 1 and 2 and sent off my first exam. i'm so excited about this!! and it sure feels good to be a student again. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things on my mind....
  • how cool it is that chris and i get to spend so much time together...and we don't get irritated with each other. :D
  • i <3> philly cheese steak lean pockets!! yum yum.
  • my eczema is really acting up lately cuz the weather is changing. :(
  • i can't wait to scrapbook with those pictures we took the other day. i've got some ideas in mind!!
  • chris taught me how to play FreeCell on the computer and now i'm addicted. makes me think and i like that. its like a puzzel with cards. i got sooo excited when i solved my first one. :P
  • i really wish that i had a better camera. mine is only 5 mega pixels and its just not doing the trick anymore. i would kill for a Canon Rebel... and then photoshop! dreaming.....
  • i'm thinking of switching purses. i'm usually one of those girls that ADDICTED to buying new purses...but i haven't gotten one since march when i found the perfect shaina purse! but now i'm feeling time for a change. so i'll pull an old one out of my closet. easier than spending money we don't have. brilliant! :P
  • tonight i'm heading to Moses Lake for a free seminar on medical transcription. i heard about it on the radio yesterday, and thought it might be cool. that's something that i could totally do while i'm sitting here all day at work. pretty much do two jobs at once. i have NO idea what it would entail to become one, like schooling or whatever, but i figure they'll let me know tonight. kinda excited!
  • tomorrow morning i've got an appointment at the family planning place in town to see if i qualify for the free birth controle. we don't have medical insurance anymore, cuz we had it though chris' work, so i need to figure something out. hopefully they'll be able to keep me on the YAZ, cuz that is working the best for me...balancing me out emotionally. its been really helpful with the PCOS symptoms. we'll see!
  • my mom said she bought a calendar for as a surprise i want to see it!
  • we have our circut assembly this weekend in Pasco. soooo looking forward to it! we've already been to sunday of it (in omak) but i'm anxious to hear it all again...and to TAKE NOTES!!! must do that. :P then i can share some of my favorite points on here! chris and i get the priveldge of helping with the contribution boxes again. so we'll be up and there really early!
  • we're going to stay at derek's apartment for the weekend (even though they're out of town). so it will be like a comfy hotel! and free. :D :D
  • hoping to get the stuff for derek and nina's invitations this weekend also, and get cracking on those. got to make 300 wedding invitations!! chris has offered to help. he's so good to me.
  • i've missplaced my adele cd and i'm missing it. :(
  • chris is sitting behind me working on a puzzel right now as i type. he is so cute. i love him bunches!
i think that's all.... :P
enjoy your evening!
can you beleive its almost November??

Monday, October 27, 2008

come take a walk with me...

i adore sunny fall days, especially spent with the man i love.
we had breakfast together at the Tumbleweed Cafe.
we went shopping at wal-mart. chris got some new dress shirts, and i got a pair of jeans that fit!
stopped in a gorgeous orchard, full of changing leaves and fallen apples to take some pictures.
we got changed and headed to the football field to toss the ball around. ended up playing till the sun went down.
decided to stop by some friends house and spent the evening visiting and drinking coffee with kahlua. :) yum!
went home, i put on one of chris' big cozy sweaters and sat in bed listening to him read to me. we're half-way through the first eragon book. so good!
then chris rubbed my back and we talked till we fell asleep.
a perfect fall day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i was doing some searching through my old notebooks for an idea i had for a scrapbook page. i came across this poem i wrote.... thought i'd share.
have a great weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

so looking forward to this!!!

so, because of 'recent developments' funds have been a little tight around our household, as you can imagine. so i've missed out on some really awesome classes (especial over at SIS) that i've just not had the money for. but then i found this!!!
totally up my ally.... and FREE!!
so i signed up today. :D
me happy!

for those of you interested i also added a link in my sidebar "jessica sprage's classroom" so you can sign up too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"stay"cation success

it is over, but oh did we enjoy ourselves!!!
i think i love him even more now, if that could be possible.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

a quick layout.

tomorrow brings the newest prompt over at THe CrEative TyPe, but i've only got a minute online and won't be around for another few days, so i figured i'd be safe posting mine. :)
the idea is: take a shape and fill it with words. my shape: heart. my words: a letter to my hubs.

our "staycation" is going well. lots of movies. lots of yummy food. some job hunting. some crazy pictures. a visit from a friend. some sign language. lots of solitaire. tons of tickles and laughter. true love and falling deeper in love.
its perfect.

hoping your days are full of sunshine through the changing leaves and something to smile about...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

start of our pseudo-vacation

the boy isn't working.
i had the days taken off from work.
so were going to have a "vacation" anyway.
we'll do things like:
  • stay up really really really late
  • watch movies and bad reality TV
  • never get out of bed
  • crack jokes and make each other laugh
  • take walks along the lake in the moonlight
  • go for a drive in our cool car
  • play guitar and create things together
  • scrapbook and video games (respectively) ;)
  • make and eat lots of yummy food
  • just be together and fall even more in love....
i can't wait. starts tonight!!!
i'm gonna try and take lots of pictures to document it. just like i would of if we'd been able to go on our planned vacation. i'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun. we love just being together. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

this man,
my husband,
my best friend,
the most important thing in my life....

lost his job yesterday.

i feel so helples....

Friday, October 10, 2008

*sharing time*
ya know, like in elementary school. :P

so here are some of my projects and things i've been working on lately. hope you enjoy!

first of all...for the month of september i embarked on a photographic journey and took a picture of the sunset each night. and let me tell you, it was a beautiful month. :D here is a collage of all 30 pictures. the first is still my favorite.

next is the secret project i told you about a few posts ago. its in the mail today to my girls, so i thought i could share it here. its a calendar for 2009 made with pictures of us over the last few years made with scrapblog. <3>

next i wanted to share some ATC's i've been working on for a few swaps over at SIStv.

this one is for the "sisterhood of the traveling pants" swap. might of shared them before, now that i think about it. oh well....

this set is for the design team swap at THe CrEative TyPe

this set is for the "all about me" swap at SIS.

i think i'm getting the hang of these ATC's. i had never heard of them before, now i'm all over it!! i've signed up for a few more swaps, and have started working on them. a fun quote one and a chocolate/mocha one. :D i haven't got any back yet from the swaps, but when i do i'm planning on using br@ndy's ATC holder template for them. so excited!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

(while it may be called today...)

today is thursday....
and i love thursdays.
thursdays hold promise of close, lasting friendships
early morning bus-stops
good coffee
and laughter.
thursdays mean freedom.

today is october 9th...
and i love october.
october hold promise of crisp leaves, changing colors
memories, long scarfs,
good photos
and true love.
october means change.

today is a good day...
and i love good days.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Prompt #4: create your own type
check it out!!

this is my page i created for prompt #4 over at THe CrEative TyPe challenge blog. i adore these pictures of me and my girls. the top one is from a photo session with my mom back in 2006 and the bottom one is from our recent shoot when they were here to visit in august.

"laughter is the glue of true friendship."

the challenge was to create your own type. i hand-cut out the word "live" from white cardstock, i hand stitched the "laugh" (which took awhile, but is totally worth it!!) and paited "love." i think it turned out pretty good. and the paper just sets everything off so well. i had a big journaling block on there too, but i thought it took away from the page, so i took it off. <3 it now! :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

what a handsome cowboy eh??
this is my brother micah.
today he a year older.

mich, i just want you to know how much i love you. though we're many miles apart, i think of you daily. i have so many fond memories of our childhood together:
  • our "apart-nip" in fruitvale
  • roller blading up and down the halls in green roller blades 4 sizes to big for you
  • your little bed in the storage closet
  • dan with his winking eye
  • your dust-buster
  • giving our first talks in the trail kingdom hall
  • ice-skating and watching fireworks in the park
  • picnics in the snow
  • me dressing you and matthew up like mice and performing at school :P
  • all the summers we spent in smithers riding horses and bikes all over town
  • the M&M lemonade stand
  • strawberry picking
  • spending afternoons on "the tommy" or at "the bathroom"
  • becoming part of a family of 7 and having fun with more brothers and sisters
  • our birdhouse dad built for us
  • many a "shanty-town"
  • my awesome dance choreographing skills
  • the day Katrina was born
  • playing that Titanic computer game... all 5 of us kids glued to the computer screen as you played
  • playing in Malott down at the river and in the park
  • the move to Vanderhoof and all the fun with our friends there
  • many many many more memories....
...and then we were no longer together. you decided to move away, and its been only a few times we've seen each other in the past years. and i miss you. i miss your smile, your accent, your laugh, the sparkle in your eye, and the way you make me feel. its like a part of me is missing when we're apart.
so know i'm thinking of you today.
and not just cuz its the day you turn 20.
its just because.....
i love you.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the low down

today i started a new project. lots of photo editing and SCRAPBLOG! i'm so excited. can't share yet, cuz its a gift, but i promise once its finished and sent i'll post it.
so much fun already!

been feeling lots of frustrations lately cuz of the retards my husband works for. it goes beyond the how they are treating my husband. having a hard time controlling myself and keeping my tongue in check. i feel helpless and i'm not very good at being patient for things to work themselves out. please send me good calming vibes. i need it!

are we the only sick people around?? please say we're not alone. it seems like nothing we eat sits right in our poor tummies. :( chris is just getting pummled from all sides. we've been doing a lot of movie watching and napping....

so because of everything going on with chris' job, we had to cancel our vacation planned for this month. we were going to visit my brother micah in northern alberta, go to West Edmonton Mall, swing around through BC and visit kelly, and then come home. a nice road trip with our new car. we have been so excited and planning this for awhile. it was gonna be a nice "honeymoon" trip almost. but now we can't go.

needless to say, my husband is rather depressed.
and i'm sad.
and i don't know how to make things better.

sorry for complaining. i just needed to vent.

this weekend we're planning on visiting parents. saturday after work we'll go to wenatchee to see glen and christa, have dinner with them, and visit. been about a month and a half since we saw them. i have pictures to give them, so she'll be happy about that. then sunday is day two of my parent's circuit assembly and my dad has a part in it, so we're going to go see. it will be nice to see my family and also get a chance to see people from my old circuit.
friendly faces.
can't wait.

now back to my project!!!
have a great day everyone.