Thursday, October 09, 2008

(while it may be called today...)

today is thursday....
and i love thursdays.
thursdays hold promise of close, lasting friendships
early morning bus-stops
good coffee
and laughter.
thursdays mean freedom.

today is october 9th...
and i love october.
october hold promise of crisp leaves, changing colors
memories, long scarfs,
good photos
and true love.
october means change.

today is a good day...
and i love good days.


  1. awesome post- was that from one of the prompts kim posted? I love your journaling- you should totally do a page with those words!

  2. awwww...well that was an awfully nice post girlie!! glad you had a good day. and yes thursdays are deliciously close to fridays and therefore i love them too. (-:

  3. its actually not from KB's class....i missed out on this one. :( but i guess its pretty cool that something i posted myself was in that same "feel."
    makes me smile.
    and now i totally want to do a page about it. :D

  4. glad you had a great thursday! chatting with you definately was the highlight of my thursday!! here's to hoping your friday goes well. i was on the ipod on the way to the meeting and only got to update my status to angela is nervous, then i was too far away from the wireless network. annnyways i got a job interview at a really good dental office. so i am nervous about the interview, but i didn't want to put anything about it on facebook since i have a girl from work on my facebook... so yeah. it might be cool to get the job, but sometimes with jobs like this you wonder if its just a farce and they already know who they are going to hire, but they have to 'interview' to make it seem fair??? we'll see.....

  5. i'm finding i like fall more and more, but i just don't like the impending winter, especially when we had SNOW today! ugh. already. but i do like the leaves and i wore my new long breast cancer scarf today!!