Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nate and Abi

Nate and Abi celebrated 5 years of marriage on May 9th. Chris and I were both in their wedding party, and we glad to be with them 5 years later to celebrate too. I was able to get some time with them before their party and we went to the park where they got married and shot some pictures of them. Here are some of my favorites.


It makes my heart so happy and full to see my friends so in love. They’ve made a recent move to a different city and its so good to see them thriving. I’m so glad to have them as friends.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Life–Week 9 & 10


Back today to share another couple weeks of my 2014 Project Life.

Here is Week 9:


This week contains lots of pink and white and lots of writing. It was a full week. I’ve been craving eggs like crazy lately, even eating them scrambled. I used to not even be able to stand the smell of them cooking. It’s a big change, and I’m embracing it! I Facetimed with my mom for the first time. She’s so cute. I rearranged my office, walked in the cold with my puppy and talked a bit about our decision to leave the theater.


We were invited to preview the show at Masquers and laughed a ton and I also went to the Quincy theater with my friend Lisa to see Brigadoon. Great play! I liked the songs a lot. On March 1st we had a pollen alert, a flash flood watch and a winter weather advisory. Crazy! I also started my Squat Challenge for March and shared my before pictures.


Here is Week 10:


I shared a lot about our current round of HCG. That along with even just a couple days of squats and I was fitting back into my littlest pants and Chris was feeling awesome trying on some old pants! I also shared a quote that really inspired me this week. 


Thursday night I did my first Google+ hangout with Hey Sweet Pea for a class on social media. I really learned a lot that I look forward to implementing. I had a householder part in Russian and shared my notes. My Dad had spinal surgery this week and I wrote about it and being able to be there with Mom and Dad through the process.



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tracy and Jason–Couple’s Photography

I’ve known Tracy for what feels like my whole life. Our families were very close when we were growing up. And we’ve reconnected as adults and I’m glad to count her as a friend. I took pictures of her and her husband Jason just before they had their daughter, Nadine. (See some of these images in this post.) And when we were there for a visit a couple weeks ago I asked them to get in front of my camera one more time. These are some of the images we got, and I really love them. Just the two of them. See the full album here.


Thanks to both of you for opening your home to us, letting us get to know you better and for getting in front of my camera again. It was a pleasure to spend these few minutes capturing your love as it is right now in your journey together. Love you guys!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Project Life : Weeks 7 and 8


I am so in love with this project and this way of memory keeping. I’ve been keeping up really well and just going with the flow. I look at lots of other people’s pocket pages online and get really inspired, but I find that I always come back to my style when I’m doing my own pages. I’m learning to embrace it.

Here is Week 7.


This week Holli and I had been working hard to get the program created for The Lone Star Love Potion performance at Masquers. We took it over from Bev and so far we’re a really good team. One day she came and sat close with me on my computer to really crank it out and she was watching on Kayo that afternoon. It was just a blast to see him and Gibson play together! He’s such a cute kid. Chris traded me his phone upgrade to allow me to get an iPhone. It was just the right choice to make for work. I got a bright pink iPhone 5C and so far I really love it! My parents celebrated 18 years of marriage last month and as a gift for my Dad I scripted a lyric from their wedding song and framed it for him. I love how it turned out. 


The weekend was spent with my parents helping them out…we drove Dad to Wenatchee for an appointment and did some things around the house to help them. Then we went to the meeting in Twisp with them Sunday morning. There was still a ton of snow up there!


Here is Week 8.


This was a really enjoyable week. It started with a little date night and we went and saw the Lego Movie. It was pretty funny. And I still get that “Everything is Awesome” song stuck in my head. There were a lot of blast from the past moments this week with a FB message from a girl I went to high school with, sharing some old pictures of Chris and I when we were dating and finding some of my artwork from high school while organizing my closet.


It was also a special week because we had a visit from a Russian Circuit Overseer and his wife from New York. Their names were Craig and Jenny Wilson and they were very kind, encouraging and real. They were a lot like us…around the same age and we had some shared experiences. I got to have lunch with them just the 3 of us one day and I was able to share a bit of the struggles I’m dealing with. They were good listeners and it was a blessing just to share. Craig gave his second talk on Sunday in English which was helpful because so many of us in the Russian group here don’t understand enough Russian. Glad for their visit and for our little group.



Monday, May 12, 2014

The Hair Diaries–Platinum


It took one more bleach processing and a good half an hour with my purple toning shampoo on it, but I’ve finally found my platinum sweet spot. For so many months I’ve loved Whippycake’s hair, and I think now I’m just about there! She can style it like no other, but she so inspires me.

Here are my before and after pictures from this round of The Hair Diaries at Hannah’s home salon. Its my favorite place to get my hair done.


This has been one of my favorite styles. I love the short, easy to style cut so much. So many times it just takes a little dry shampoo and some flat iron action and I’m good to go for the day. I love the Suave brand for dry shampoo. Smells good, works great and is really inexpensive. I also use a little Spoil Me by Bed Head. It adds lots of moisture back into my very processed hair. And once I have it doing what I want I spray it with my favorite hair spray, Kenra Volume Hair Spray to hold it in place all day. Quick and easy. And really playful.


Fresh hair makes me really happy.


What is a hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try?
What are your go-to styling products?