Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Life–Week 9 & 10


Back today to share another couple weeks of my 2014 Project Life.

Here is Week 9:


This week contains lots of pink and white and lots of writing. It was a full week. I’ve been craving eggs like crazy lately, even eating them scrambled. I used to not even be able to stand the smell of them cooking. It’s a big change, and I’m embracing it! I Facetimed with my mom for the first time. She’s so cute. I rearranged my office, walked in the cold with my puppy and talked a bit about our decision to leave the theater.


We were invited to preview the show at Masquers and laughed a ton and I also went to the Quincy theater with my friend Lisa to see Brigadoon. Great play! I liked the songs a lot. On March 1st we had a pollen alert, a flash flood watch and a winter weather advisory. Crazy! I also started my Squat Challenge for March and shared my before pictures.


Here is Week 10:


I shared a lot about our current round of HCG. That along with even just a couple days of squats and I was fitting back into my littlest pants and Chris was feeling awesome trying on some old pants! I also shared a quote that really inspired me this week. 


Thursday night I did my first Google+ hangout with Hey Sweet Pea for a class on social media. I really learned a lot that I look forward to implementing. I had a householder part in Russian and shared my notes. My Dad had spinal surgery this week and I wrote about it and being able to be there with Mom and Dad through the process.



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  1. Great job! You guys are doing so well with your health & fitness! By the way, I love that you used a DIPPER constellation for your squat challenge card. Clever! ;)