Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer of Love

There is something so special, so magical about summertime. It is full of iced coffee and driving with the windows down, and staying up late with the sun…having bon fires, trips to the lake, and being adventurous. It holds some of my favorite memories, and I want this summer to have that same kind of feel. That same kind of celebration.

So, I’m participating in my friend Kara’s “Summer of Love” art journaling and photography class to kick-start the summer season and savor each passing moment. She is a killer teacher and I am so looking forward to the journaling prompts and the night photography techniques she’ll be teaching.


The live class starts July 1st (yay!), but you can begin the e-course at any time because you access a blog site where all the content will be uploaded and stored and the students get a PDF of the content after the class. I could see this becoming a summer tradition…

Doesn’t this sound like a great way to welcome in the summer? I am excited to start and would love to have one of you readers join me too. Kara is letting me give away a registration to the course and bring you along with me on this fun little journey.

Just leave a comment below with your email and what you love most about the summertime to be entered to win. But, if you don’t want to wait and would like to begin tomorrow, you can do that too here. I’m sure Kara wouldn’t mind. Hehe.



Leave a comment below with your email and what you love the most about summertime to be entered to win registration to Kara’s “Summer of Love” e-course.
Winner will be selected on Wednesday July 3rd and announced on the 4th.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chris and Shaina 6 years of marriage

We have added another year to our love story… it still blows me away that we have already been married for six years. I love that all of my memories these last few years have included Chris. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are best friends and have so much fun just being together.


This weekend we are up in Summerland, BC Canada. My dad put us up in the Waterfront Resort again…the same he got for us a couple nights on our honeymoon. And its just perfect timing because its is the District Convention in Penticton this weekend, so all of my Canadian family is here. Tonight they had a special steak dinner for us to celebrate. It felt so good to be surrounded by family and friends on this special day.


We woke up early, exchanged cards and started in on our yearly tradition of saying “Happy Anniversary” to each other way more times than is normal for any other couple. Hehe. We had a great day at the convention. Then my cousin Whitney of Whitney Lane Photography did a mini anniversary photoshoot for us on the dock of the lake. It was so fun being in front of her camera together. So glad her and Kel were able to come over for the weekend too. And then we had a special dessert treat to end the evening.

It has been a weekend and anniversary to remember. I can’t wait to spend the next year and the rest of my life with this guy. Being married to Chris means beginning and ending each day with someone I love. It means knowing there is someone who understands and who’s always there for me. I’m really grateful for the life we share…I’m really grateful for him.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jeff and Chelsey’s Soap Lake engagement pictures

I work with Chelsey just about every day of the week at the credit union. Her and Jeff have been engaged for a few months, but they had never got pictures taken. They are the people that take care of Gibson whenever we need a puppy-sitter, so as payment I offered to do an engagement session for them.

Jeff and Chelsey have a fun kind of love. They are comfortable together, they are friends first and their ease together came across so well. I felt so great back behind my camera and my love for photographing couples came rushing back to me. We had a lot of fun and got some amazing shots. I am so happy with this shoot and I’m excited to share.


Thank you Jeff and Chelsey for letting take your portraits and for opening up to me and allowing me to get to know you. It was a pleasure to have you both in front of my camera.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never


I always wear mascara.
I always try to remember people’s names.
I always have had Jewel’s song “You were meant for me” as my ringback tone.
I always kiss my husband goodnight.
I always send thank you cards.

I sometimes drink coffee and sometimes drink tea.
I sometimes paint my nails to feel fancy.
I sometimes remember to move the seat back for Chris in the car.
I sometimes stay up late and sometimes wake up really early.
I sometimes wish I was better in the kitchen.

I never eat spicy food.
I never get everything accomplished in the day that I want to.
I never leave the house without my phone.
I never drink without a straw if I have the option.
I’ll never take the love I’ve found for granted.

And I just can’t get enough of my little scruffy puppy!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fresh cut and color

Man, is it really June 14th already?? After a month of blogging (almost) everyday in May, which I totally enjoyed, I needed a few days off. But what better way to jump back in than a Hair Diaries post. These are so much fun!


I have had my short hair for a few months now, and I totally love it. It does require a bit more upkeep than longer styles, and this week I went in for a fresh cut and color. Since my cousin Hannah had her baby she’s taking a little time off from doing hair, I was able to reconnect with my friend Brittany who did my hair a couple times years ago. I walked in to make my appointment and she remembered me and Chris from back then, which was a cool feeling. She cut my hair last month and then this week I went back to her for a blonde touch-up and a trim. The blonde is finally the tone I have been working towards and the cut feels perfect. I can’t wait to play more with it.


Thanks Brittany for rocking out my hair, and thanks Becki from Whippy Cake for the inspiration. I always take your pictures in with me to get your look. It’s the perfect pixie.


I just love my hair right now. Little things like a fresh cut and color can completely brighten my day.