Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i've been sick.
i've been tired.
i've been sick and tired of being sick and tired.

feeling a little better today. i think my body is fighting back. i've been "going, going, gone" for so long...i rested all last weekend. it was nice.

so i got a cell phone finally! yay! loving it already.

i've been metally preparing myself to jump into the scrapbook for jeff and kelly's wedding. i couldn't sleep last night so i started planning it out...papers, accents, layout ideas. it was nice even just to think about it. i've missed scrapbooking so much! i can't wait to get started. who know when that will be, but at least i have a plan!

a woman with a plan...and a mission.

a woman of action. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

12 things to be happy for....

1) life
2) the smell of the air after it rains
3) finding little things to smile about
4) real laughter
5) hearing "i love you" and knowing its true
6) memories of white rice
7) my new "big brother" Ty and all his wisdom
8) a new cd to listen to
9) paycheck today! yay!
10) text messages
11) sleep
12) chris :)
The perfect end to the summer....

this past weekend chris, jen, and i met up with jeff, kelly and katie in kelowna. it was a beautiful day...perfect weather and good company. things kind of started off a little rocky. it was the first time my best friend met my boyfriend. things didn't really go as smoothly and i had hoped. kelly says that she just has higher standards for me. but in the end she said... "shaina, he makes you laugh...what more could i ask for?" so true kell....

we camped at a little campground called the owl's nest. it was really nice. we were the only ones stupid enough to be in tents (yes, it was freezing!!) so we had the whole section to ourselves. we had a big bon-fire down by the beach. it was so nice. chris brought his guitar, so he played for us and we made smores and talked and sang songs. made some good memories.

chris bought me john mayer's new cd in kelwona at the mall. i am LOVING it. smooth jazzy music with his amazing voice. on repeat in my car. :)

well, that's all that's new really. work is being stupid right now. i'm just back from all this training and its like i'm expected to be the best sales person in the world. having a hard time with all the pressure. i've been really stressed out about that and a lot of other things. i think my body is fighting back now, because i've been sick the last couple of days. i didn't go to work yesterday and i stayed home from service this morning. i hope that i get better soon. all the sleeping that i did should do my body some good.

well, good night for now. :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


  • our first kiss.... sept. 9th 2006 at the okanogan county fair.
american idol picture

here is the picture that we had taken at the american idol concert. too much fun. we had such a good time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

wenatchee....trip 2

in the morning i'm heading back down to wenatchee for the second go-round of training at the bank. this week we're doing a product knowledge course and then one thats all about diversity within the company, or something like that. should be interesting. i'm hoping that the product one will be of some use to me. its really hard to sell products that i don't know anything about...and selling is a big part of being a teller (you'd be surprised what's required of us). i'm looking forward to it. i get to sit around all day and get paid. yeah!

so going to wenatchee also means i get to spend some more time with chris. i can't wait. i haven't seen him for almost 2 weeks. then he's coming home with me on friday night to spend the weekend in omak. its the okanogan county fair this weekend, so we'll probably do that and we've got plans for service. so its going to be a great next few days. i'm really looking forward to it.

next weekend chris and i are heading up to canada. (and no, we're not going alone...cuz i know that's what you're all asking right now) we're going to be meeting up with jeff, kelly, and katie in kelowna on saturday and spending the weekend together. i'm so excited for them to meet chris. kelly says that he has to pass all her "tests" before i'm really allowed to date him. i think he'll pass with flying colors. :) so i'm excited about that too. i've really been missing kelly. we've hardly had a chance to talk at all since her wedding....which i expected. i still miss her though. a lot. so seeing her will be a nice treat. we'll get some good "kelly-shaina" time in.

anyway, i should head home...i'm at loo's just dropping off the key's after cleaning tonight. i've got to pack and be ready to go by 6am. so now i'm heading home to get some sleep.

feeling happy finally.....

Monday, September 04, 2006

what a weekend. that's all i have to say!! we had such a good time. hopefully soon i'll have other pics of us actually at the concert and one that we had done with the lifesize cut outs of the idols. i'll post those soon.

Friday, September 01, 2006


in the morning we leave for tacoma to go to the AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT!!!!! yes! soooo excited! i'm spending the night at loo's and then we're off in the morning. then we're going shopping, going to the rainforest cafe, and then the concert. we'll be spending the night there and then coming home on sunday. i've been so looking forward to this weekend!

this is chris and i at out one night after the meeting.

this is last sunday night in wenatchee. we drove up to the top of mission ridge and sat on my trunk and looked at the stars. then we danced in the headlights of my car. what a night...

this is a picture from last week in wenatchee. chris is the lead singer in a band with a few local brothers. i got to go to band practice on wednesday night. it was fun! he is such a good singer and the guys are pretty crazy. good times!