Saturday, May 31, 2008

go on...

if I don't shave my legs,
or make my bed up every morning,
or do my bible reading
or call my mom,
or do laundry this week,
or scrapbook anything i had planned to;
if i never write another poem again,
or please every person in my life,
or balance at work;
if i didn't pretend to always be interested,
the world would go on right?
i thought so...
im slowly but surely letting all the guilt go...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

about the weekend....

on saturday jeana and ben had their wedding reception in penticton. it was a nice party. it is good to see my friends happy. i'm just upset that they live so far away now. :( vancouver is a long way.

we had an enjoyable weekend. we visited my family in omak on friday....stayed with my dad and family on saturday in summerland and went out in kelowna with megan and her boyfriend elliot after the wedding. it was a lot of fun. they are so cute together! i think he is great for her.

then on suday chris and i drove back to wenatchee and stayed overnight at his parent's place. we didn't have to work monday so we just had a nice day together.

now its back to work...the daily grind!

life is good.
this makes me miss spokane sooooo bad!!

i got this in e-mail from Salma. its the e-vite for her next short short film festival. last year's was so crazy fun! hopefully chris and i can come up with something to do for it! should be fun!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

what i've found...

i have been introduced to the beautiful world that is: flicker! pictures and people and life! loving it. here are some of my favorite images i've found in my recent searches. enjoy!

1. :], 2. Thanksgiving, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled, 5., 6. Elephants are the cutest..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4 weddings and a funeral

i just found out yesterday that a sister from Omak passed away. her memorial is on friday at 7. so we are including that in our weekend plans. i am leaving work early on friday so we can make it. then saturday is jeana and ben's party in penticton. we are going to stay with my canadian family!! whoohoo! i'm missing my sisters really bad. can't wait to see everybody too.

kinda a mixed emotion weekend planned. :)

today chris is going to the doctor for a check-up. we've had insurance, but haven't had the time to get him checked out. so i made him an appointment for this afternoon. hopefully they will be able to figure out what wrong with his shoulder and everything else. i want my guy healthy! i love him so much.

i'm eating a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich for lunch today. it makes me happy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

shaina + bluray = love

i'm so loving the bluray player on our new PS3. everything looks so vibrant and vivid. i'm falling in love with colors again.

i watched the movie p.s. i love you on tuesday. OMGoodness! this is probably my newest favorite movie.

i cried. yeah i know...nothing new about that. but i needed it; strangely. i want to watch the movie with my mom. really bad. i think there is a bit of the mother-daughter relationship in the movie that we can relate to.

and of course this movie makes you realize that NOW is the time to cherish the love that you have found. it made me so happy that i have chris in my life and have found true love of my own.

in other news: ALL MY FIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! i feel old....

we're hopefully going to jeana and ben's reception on the 24th of this month in penticton. then i got an e-mail from gwen today announcing that their paperwork finally went through so her and anthony will be getting married Aug 2nd. and then my friend kimi is marrying her new boyfriend (well i guess finance now) late september.

that's probably just the beginning of it....
i feel old....oh wait, i already said that. :P

last night chris and i took a walk around 9 or so...the sun was just going down and the wind was blowing. it was beautiful! we went down to the lake and just spent some time there. summer feels good!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

its the weekend...

i'm working this morning then heading to spokane. going to stay with amanda and cam tonight and then head over and see jennifer and derrik in idaho on sunday. then on monday im going shopping!! scrapbook stuff and i am in desperate need of some new jeans. i'm also taking my purse back to JCPenny's. i got it a couple months ago and it is the perfect shaina purse but the straps keep falling apart. :( pouty face. so i'm going to see if they have another one or if i can just get my money back. we shall see. i'm looking forward to me weekend away.

so today we are going i'm going to get chris his other anniversary present. we got our economic stimulus check from the government yesterday, so we have some extra money that we planned on using for gifts for each other. i'm getting chris a PS3. i figured we should just buy it today while we have the money and then he will have something to do while i'm gone. i'm going to get him a game, probably a football one. the cool thing about the PS3 is that it is also a blueray DVD player. so while i'm here at work chris is going through our movies and picking out some to take to hastings to trade in for blueray! wahoo! we're high tech! lol.

he is happy. that's all i want.

have a good weekend all! i'll be back on wednesday!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


i have been working on chris' anniversary present for a month and a half now and today it came in the mail!! i'm so excited. it is a 8x8 book made on it is about our life and the things that make us us. it is called CELEBRATING EVERYDAY LIFE.

here is a link to the slide show so you can see it yourself.

i am so pleased with how it turned out. its even better holding it in my hands! :) i can't wait till our anniversary so i can give it to chris. i hope he likes it!
how time flies....

i'm finally on my regular schedule at work which means i get mondays and tuesdays off! wahoo! so i got to clean my house really good and do laundry and cook my husband some really good meals. on tuesday i made pork chops with a glaze i made up that had peach jelly, BBQ sauce, and brown sugar. it turned out soooo good! i was proud of myself. :)

yesterday i got sick though...some kind of 24 hour bug or something. pretty nasty. :( so i left work early. but i'm feeling better today. i got wedding pictures from jennifer and derrik's wedding, so i've been working on editing them and getting ready to make their scrapbook. here are a couple of my favorite shots of them.

i'm hoping to be able to go visit them soon. jen moved to idaho when they got married, so she is in a place without friends and she doesn't really know anyone. so hopefully i can cheer her up. i also need to stop in spokane at Huckleberry's to pick up the paper and album for their book, so its a necessary trip. :)

chris and i have been doing good. we are getting settled into our new place and congregation. i've been doing a lot of interpreting at meetings and getting more confidant in my signing skills and chris has now conducted 3 bookstudies in asl. i am so proud of him.

we have been following American Idol this season....and i am so glad that jason castro is off as of last night!!! i did not like that kid. so many better people got voted off when he should of gone. but i think the three best are in the final three. i love syesha! it been fun watching this show. :)

so how are all of you? leave me some comments. i would love to hear what's up in your world!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

today is...

National Scrapbook Day

and i'm here in soap lake working. :( i wish i was still in spokane at Huckleberry's helping with the two day crop and spending time with all my ladies there. missing the friendships and the inspiration i found in that place.

im thinking about driving to moses and going to the little scrapbook store there. maybe i will find something to smile about. then go home and create something. that is of course after i do the laundry and clean the kitchen and feed my husband and study for the meeting and do all the other things i need to do....

i think im getting sick. chris has been sick the last week and a half. now my nose is plugged and my throat is hurting really bad. pouty face!

i need some coffee!

Friday, May 02, 2008

15/365 (ouCH)
i have a sty in my eye. it hurts. its swollen. i feel ugly.

thought i'd share.

been a rough couple of days. feeling kinda depressed lately. why is there always so much going on inside my head? second guessing myself and others. wishing life was different. but then getting mad at myself for feeling that way.

i did a lousy job interpreting on tuesday night. i had the "introduction to john" part from the SI book. lots of facts...which are hard to hear, compute, and turn into a different language. i cried when i was done. i'm feeling bad about my skills....or lack of them i guess.

wanting to give up....

and my eye hurts. :(