Saturday, May 10, 2008

its the weekend...

i'm working this morning then heading to spokane. going to stay with amanda and cam tonight and then head over and see jennifer and derrik in idaho on sunday. then on monday im going shopping!! scrapbook stuff and i am in desperate need of some new jeans. i'm also taking my purse back to JCPenny's. i got it a couple months ago and it is the perfect shaina purse but the straps keep falling apart. :( pouty face. so i'm going to see if they have another one or if i can just get my money back. we shall see. i'm looking forward to me weekend away.

so today we are going i'm going to get chris his other anniversary present. we got our economic stimulus check from the government yesterday, so we have some extra money that we planned on using for gifts for each other. i'm getting chris a PS3. i figured we should just buy it today while we have the money and then he will have something to do while i'm gone. i'm going to get him a game, probably a football one. the cool thing about the PS3 is that it is also a blueray DVD player. so while i'm here at work chris is going through our movies and picking out some to take to hastings to trade in for blueray! wahoo! we're high tech! lol.

he is happy. that's all i want.

have a good weekend all! i'll be back on wednesday!

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