Thursday, May 15, 2008

shaina + bluray = love

i'm so loving the bluray player on our new PS3. everything looks so vibrant and vivid. i'm falling in love with colors again.

i watched the movie p.s. i love you on tuesday. OMGoodness! this is probably my newest favorite movie.

i cried. yeah i know...nothing new about that. but i needed it; strangely. i want to watch the movie with my mom. really bad. i think there is a bit of the mother-daughter relationship in the movie that we can relate to.

and of course this movie makes you realize that NOW is the time to cherish the love that you have found. it made me so happy that i have chris in my life and have found true love of my own.

in other news: ALL MY FIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! i feel old....

we're hopefully going to jeana and ben's reception on the 24th of this month in penticton. then i got an e-mail from gwen today announcing that their paperwork finally went through so her and anthony will be getting married Aug 2nd. and then my friend kimi is marrying her new boyfriend (well i guess finance now) late september.

that's probably just the beginning of it....
i feel old....oh wait, i already said that. :P

last night chris and i took a walk around 9 or so...the sun was just going down and the wind was blowing. it was beautiful! we went down to the lake and just spent some time there. summer feels good!

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