Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4 weddings and a funeral

i just found out yesterday that a sister from Omak passed away. her memorial is on friday at 7. so we are including that in our weekend plans. i am leaving work early on friday so we can make it. then saturday is jeana and ben's party in penticton. we are going to stay with my canadian family!! whoohoo! i'm missing my sisters really bad. can't wait to see everybody too.

kinda a mixed emotion weekend planned. :)

today chris is going to the doctor for a check-up. we've had insurance, but haven't had the time to get him checked out. so i made him an appointment for this afternoon. hopefully they will be able to figure out what wrong with his shoulder and everything else. i want my guy healthy! i love him so much.

i'm eating a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich for lunch today. it makes me happy!

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