Friday, February 22, 2013

The Hair Diaries: Gibson Edition

It was the puppy’s first time to the groomer’s this week and so I thought it would be fun (or maybe just funny) to do before and after pictures of him and share a Hair Diaries post all about Gibson. He is so good at posing for the camera…must be my dog. Winking smile


The first week we had Gibson we took him with us one night to go get a movie. The lady that owns the local movie rental place has a schnauzer and she just loves the breed, so I wanted her to meet him. While we were there we also met a groomer who has a little shop in town. She said that if I brought him by she’d clip the hair that was in his eyes and trim his nails for free. So we went by the next day and he did so good. I was really drawn to her and impressed by her way with Gibson, so I knew when he needed a full groom I would take him back to her.

And that time was this week…okay, maybe before this week if you’re looking at the before pictures. Hehe. But that makes for a more dramatic before and after, right?

Here is my scruffy puppy before:


And my big handsome boy after:


The groomer even tied the cutest little blue handkerchief on him. So sweet. And she gave me some suggestions on working with him so they can get a better cut on his ears and near his face. He was a little leery of the clippers there, but he did good on other areas that puppies sometime have problems, so that’s good. And the conditioner smelled like blueberries. He was so soft and super cuddly afterwards and I enjoyed the rest of my day off with him.

Gibson has just lightened up my days and has brought so much happiness and fun to our life. I’m so glad we were able to get him.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sleep Talking Husband

I’ve been saving up some great new quotes from Chris sleep talking to add to my collection and share with you. Man, he just makes me laugh so hard! Here are a few of the best recent ones.


“A wookie’s favorite store is Pier1 Imports. They love all the baskets.”

“They just can’t be magical if you don’t butter them!”

“They gotta stop that! The cats keep digging up all the potatoes before they’re ready. I’m sure they’re not even that hungry.” 

Too funny, right?! I think he’s a keeper.