Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"those who bring sunshine into the lives of others will not keep it from themselves."

i got this great quote from my aunty lee-ann, and wanted to share it. i'm greatful to people who share their sunshine with others. :D

Sunday, January 29, 2006

sad today....

i'm sad today. i have this friend that i miss even though this friend is still around. its almost like we've both grown up apart and so we have nothing in common anymore. i miss talking to this friend. a lot. i wish this friend knew that i still cared about them, even if its hard for me to show.

i'm sad today. i was thinking about all of the time that i've missed sharing with my siblings...like having shelby and micah gone for so long. think of all the momories we've missed out on making together.

i'm sad today. its hard to explain to people what's going on in my head without saying things that i'll regret later. i think others feel that they've done something wrong...but its not them, its just me and the crazy things in my brain.

that makes me sad...

Saturday, January 28, 2006


yesterday was my parents' anniversary. we had a family dinner at our house on friday night and then tonight was the big party that i'd been planning. everything turned out really nice. last night was the first time in like 4 years that all seven of us had been together. micah came down for a few days and it was so nice to see him again. it was a pretty good visit. ashley came too. it was fun seeing her again. dad got mom a digital camera and mom bought dad a guitar. they got some really great presents from everyone. i still can't beleive that its been 10 years!!

in other news: i've been scrapbooking a lot lately. catching up....i'm only 5 months behind now! lol. but me scrapbooking means that i'm staying up way too late at night. hehe. i love it though.

i'm sorry that i havent' been able to blog much lately. but i'm at lou's again tonight. we were singing karaoke together...like old times. that's been the focus of a lot of things lately: the good old days. its nice that we do have good memories.

so far, no job, but i'm still a' looking! i'll keep you posted. :D

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i know you believe you understand what you think i said, but i am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what i meant.

*** yeah, its that kind of day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

job search

so i've finally decided that its time to try and find a new job. i wanted to wait until after the circuit overseer's visit. so now its the week after and time to get on the ball. i went today to the local work source and registered and then spent some time tonight writing my new resume'. i think that tomorrow after service i'm going to go "canvas the town with my name" as my dad says. we'll see how that goes. i do know a few people in the community from working at Paige's, so that will help. i'm hoping to find something that will be afternoons or just a couple days a week. something that will work with my pioneering schedule. i just keep praying that jehovah will help me find something. i'm trying to put my service to him first, and just rely on him that "everything else will be added" to me. now its my turn to put some effort into working in harmony with my prayers.

new CK in the mail today. the special TOP 10 issue. i'm so excited about it! i just want to sit down and scrapbook in my new space for awhile. maybe tomorrow night after the bookstudy. that would be nice. i have also been thinking about seeing into making a career out of my scrapbooking. its going to take awhile and i've got to put some effort into getting name into the community, but how cool would it be to get payed for doing something that i love? we'll see how that goes. :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

things this week that make me happy.....

  • my new green pea coat that my mum bought me
  • talking to nick on the phone
  • getting my scrapbooking things organized
  • making dawn a mini-scrapbook about our Nebraska trip
  • watching the new LOST episode :)
  • working with and getting to know the new CO and his wife
  • the sunshine for a day
  • getting the Nancy Drew computer game to work
  • getting a chance to post on my blog :D

i wish that i had more access to the internet and that i could post more often, but i do what i can. tonight we're hanging out with loo. she's having a bible dress-up party next month and we (kj and i) were helping out with some game things. then we went to wal-mart, exchanged the game that didn't work for one that does now, and spent the rest of the night playing Nancy Drew. yay!! now we're heading home and loo is spending the night. service in the morning, and then i have my pioneer meeting with the CO. i'm really looking forward to it. i'm going to stop by two of my studies in the morning to see if they'll come to the meeting on sunday for the talk. hopefully they'll come! :)

so ta-ta for now. :D

Friday, January 06, 2006


i just got my feb issue of CK and i just loved it! i especially enjoyed the STUDIO A article by ali edwards and her ideas for an album just about me. she has inspired me to try something new and different. i'm going to start it in an 8x8 album that i got recently. green...my new favorite color. :) i think its going to by a collaboration of my scrapbooking and my journal. my other scrapbooks have usually been in chronilogical order and about things that happen and what i've been doing. this one is going to be about how i feel and who i really am. i'm excited to start it.

right now mom, dad and i are in seattle. kelsey is coming in on the airplane from georgia tomorrow. she was down there for a week visiting her mother. i have really missed her and i'm excited to have her home again. we had fun on the drive over this afternoon. laughing and talking. i think its so cool that i can have a good relationship with my parents. we just enjoy spending time together. i've had a nice time with them.

i'm hoping to go to the mall and go shopping tomorrow before we get kj. its been a long time since i've been to a mall. wal-mart is all we have in omak!! what fun, eh? you betcha! ha. anyway, that should be fun.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


so we are now officially out of our house. handed the keys to kent on tuesday night. it is so amazing how fast it all happened. end of november he looked at the house...december 3rd mom and dad met with him and talked things over and decided on january 3rd for the closing date. i still can't beleive it. but i like the guy that bought our home. i think he's going to take good care of it and enjoy it like we did. the first night we were in that house we ate dinner together sitting on the dining room floor...all 7 of us. and then on our last night in the house mom, dad, and i did it again. kind of a farewell for us. monday was quite an emotional day, that's for sure. i signed the inside of my closet. i'm weird like that... :)

in other news: paige had a private 50% off sale at her store today so i got to go shopping!!! it was so nice. i got the carry bag that i've been wanting for so long and some other great papers and things. i'm working on a mini-book about my nebraska trip as a present for dawn, my friend that i went with. its good pretty good. we got some really great pictures. i'm excited to get that finished. tonight dad bought me some 12x12 drawers for my scrapbooking paper. i'm looking forward to getting all of my stuff organized and have a little space in our new place to scrapbook.

we're calling the house we're renting for now: "dewberry manor." well, that's what i'm calling it. and there is a wild rabbit in the yard. strange....but its black so i'm calling him soot. cute eh? :) tucker is still getting used to the new house. mom got him a couple new toys today, so he's content. he's definatly part of our family...little things make him happy too. lol!!

so next week is our CO visit. i'm really looking forward to it. its our first visit without new CO and his wife. they are the youngest couple in the country in the curcuit work. i've met them before, but i'm excited about getting to spend time out in service with them and getting to know them better. and something cool about the CO visit now is that the aux. pioneers for the month get to come to the first half of the pioneer meeting with the CO, so we have lots of support this month. it's been nice spending time with others in my hall. the past couple days in service have been really nice. i've been having some trouble lately with service...december was a rough month. so i'm hoping that this next week will be the pick-me-up i need. can't wait!! :D