Friday, January 13, 2006

things this week that make me happy.....

  • my new green pea coat that my mum bought me
  • talking to nick on the phone
  • getting my scrapbooking things organized
  • making dawn a mini-scrapbook about our Nebraska trip
  • watching the new LOST episode :)
  • working with and getting to know the new CO and his wife
  • the sunshine for a day
  • getting the Nancy Drew computer game to work
  • getting a chance to post on my blog :D

i wish that i had more access to the internet and that i could post more often, but i do what i can. tonight we're hanging out with loo. she's having a bible dress-up party next month and we (kj and i) were helping out with some game things. then we went to wal-mart, exchanged the game that didn't work for one that does now, and spent the rest of the night playing Nancy Drew. yay!! now we're heading home and loo is spending the night. service in the morning, and then i have my pioneer meeting with the CO. i'm really looking forward to it. i'm going to stop by two of my studies in the morning to see if they'll come to the meeting on sunday for the talk. hopefully they'll come! :)

so ta-ta for now. :D

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