Wednesday, January 18, 2006

job search

so i've finally decided that its time to try and find a new job. i wanted to wait until after the circuit overseer's visit. so now its the week after and time to get on the ball. i went today to the local work source and registered and then spent some time tonight writing my new resume'. i think that tomorrow after service i'm going to go "canvas the town with my name" as my dad says. we'll see how that goes. i do know a few people in the community from working at Paige's, so that will help. i'm hoping to find something that will be afternoons or just a couple days a week. something that will work with my pioneering schedule. i just keep praying that jehovah will help me find something. i'm trying to put my service to him first, and just rely on him that "everything else will be added" to me. now its my turn to put some effort into working in harmony with my prayers.

new CK in the mail today. the special TOP 10 issue. i'm so excited about it! i just want to sit down and scrapbook in my new space for awhile. maybe tomorrow night after the bookstudy. that would be nice. i have also been thinking about seeing into making a career out of my scrapbooking. its going to take awhile and i've got to put some effort into getting name into the community, but how cool would it be to get payed for doing something that i love? we'll see how that goes. :)

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