Thursday, January 05, 2006


so we are now officially out of our house. handed the keys to kent on tuesday night. it is so amazing how fast it all happened. end of november he looked at the house...december 3rd mom and dad met with him and talked things over and decided on january 3rd for the closing date. i still can't beleive it. but i like the guy that bought our home. i think he's going to take good care of it and enjoy it like we did. the first night we were in that house we ate dinner together sitting on the dining room floor...all 7 of us. and then on our last night in the house mom, dad, and i did it again. kind of a farewell for us. monday was quite an emotional day, that's for sure. i signed the inside of my closet. i'm weird like that... :)

in other news: paige had a private 50% off sale at her store today so i got to go shopping!!! it was so nice. i got the carry bag that i've been wanting for so long and some other great papers and things. i'm working on a mini-book about my nebraska trip as a present for dawn, my friend that i went with. its good pretty good. we got some really great pictures. i'm excited to get that finished. tonight dad bought me some 12x12 drawers for my scrapbooking paper. i'm looking forward to getting all of my stuff organized and have a little space in our new place to scrapbook.

we're calling the house we're renting for now: "dewberry manor." well, that's what i'm calling it. and there is a wild rabbit in the yard. strange....but its black so i'm calling him soot. cute eh? :) tucker is still getting used to the new house. mom got him a couple new toys today, so he's content. he's definatly part of our family...little things make him happy too. lol!!

so next week is our CO visit. i'm really looking forward to it. its our first visit without new CO and his wife. they are the youngest couple in the country in the curcuit work. i've met them before, but i'm excited about getting to spend time out in service with them and getting to know them better. and something cool about the CO visit now is that the aux. pioneers for the month get to come to the first half of the pioneer meeting with the CO, so we have lots of support this month. it's been nice spending time with others in my hall. the past couple days in service have been really nice. i've been having some trouble lately with service...december was a rough month. so i'm hoping that this next week will be the pick-me-up i need. can't wait!! :D

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