Wednesday, December 28, 2005

music of my childhood

i just went to and bought this cd. mary chapin carpenter..."state of the heart." my mom used to have the tape when i was a little girl and i used to sing all of the songs. my favorite ones are: this shirt and down in mary's land. i don't know what suddenly posessed me to buy the cd...but i can't wait for it to come.

today after service i'm supposed to take one of mom's pictures to our local frame shop "heatherdale's" to get new glass put in and a new frame. its dad's present for her for their anniversary. last year i took on of her favorite poster pictures down there and had it famed for him, too. he's very creative in his presents. i like that about him. the picture i'm taking there today is one that my mom took years ago of tulips in her old garden. she had it blown up and framed already, but the glass is broken now and the fame is pretty tattered. i hope that she likes it.

speaking of their anniversary...its on the 27th of January. i had such high hopes for this years since its their 10th anniversary. now it seems like we'll only be having a little dinner and presents with the freels. its their anniversary in january, too. that will be nice. i have managed to pull off one big surpise though: MICAH IS COMING DOWN TO VISIT!!! i'm so excited about it. its been almost a year since i've seen him, and longer for mom. micah told dad that he's coming down the last time he talked to him, but we'll be able to keep it a surprise. i can't wait!!

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