Friday, October 10, 2008

*sharing time*
ya know, like in elementary school. :P

so here are some of my projects and things i've been working on lately. hope you enjoy!

first of all...for the month of september i embarked on a photographic journey and took a picture of the sunset each night. and let me tell you, it was a beautiful month. :D here is a collage of all 30 pictures. the first is still my favorite.

next is the secret project i told you about a few posts ago. its in the mail today to my girls, so i thought i could share it here. its a calendar for 2009 made with pictures of us over the last few years made with scrapblog. <3>

next i wanted to share some ATC's i've been working on for a few swaps over at SIStv.

this one is for the "sisterhood of the traveling pants" swap. might of shared them before, now that i think about it. oh well....

this set is for the design team swap at THe CrEative TyPe

this set is for the "all about me" swap at SIS.

i think i'm getting the hang of these ATC's. i had never heard of them before, now i'm all over it!! i've signed up for a few more swaps, and have started working on them. a fun quote one and a chocolate/mocha one. :D i haven't got any back yet from the swaps, but when i do i'm planning on using br@ndy's ATC holder template for them. so excited!!


  1. Atc's are very addicting!!! I love brandy's atc book!!! Great idea about the calendar for your friends!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


  2. wow! love your sunset photos! what an awesome project.

  3. LOOOOOOOVE the calendar! kelly and katie will be thrilled! what a beautiful way to commemorate your beautiful friendship!