Monday, October 06, 2008

what a handsome cowboy eh??
this is my brother micah.
today he a year older.

mich, i just want you to know how much i love you. though we're many miles apart, i think of you daily. i have so many fond memories of our childhood together:
  • our "apart-nip" in fruitvale
  • roller blading up and down the halls in green roller blades 4 sizes to big for you
  • your little bed in the storage closet
  • dan with his winking eye
  • your dust-buster
  • giving our first talks in the trail kingdom hall
  • ice-skating and watching fireworks in the park
  • picnics in the snow
  • me dressing you and matthew up like mice and performing at school :P
  • all the summers we spent in smithers riding horses and bikes all over town
  • the M&M lemonade stand
  • strawberry picking
  • spending afternoons on "the tommy" or at "the bathroom"
  • becoming part of a family of 7 and having fun with more brothers and sisters
  • our birdhouse dad built for us
  • many a "shanty-town"
  • my awesome dance choreographing skills
  • the day Katrina was born
  • playing that Titanic computer game... all 5 of us kids glued to the computer screen as you played
  • playing in Malott down at the river and in the park
  • the move to Vanderhoof and all the fun with our friends there
  • many many many more memories....
...and then we were no longer together. you decided to move away, and its been only a few times we've seen each other in the past years. and i miss you. i miss your smile, your accent, your laugh, the sparkle in your eye, and the way you make me feel. its like a part of me is missing when we're apart.
so know i'm thinking of you today.
and not just cuz its the day you turn 20.
its just because.....
i love you.


  1. omg i love the name micah! what a cool picture! sometimes i wish i lived away from my family (no, really) but i know i'm lucky to have them so close. hope you're feeling a little happier my lovely friend!!

  2. i LOVE you shadylane :)


  3. i love you too little brother.