Thursday, October 02, 2008

the low down

today i started a new project. lots of photo editing and SCRAPBLOG! i'm so excited. can't share yet, cuz its a gift, but i promise once its finished and sent i'll post it.
so much fun already!

been feeling lots of frustrations lately cuz of the retards my husband works for. it goes beyond the how they are treating my husband. having a hard time controlling myself and keeping my tongue in check. i feel helpless and i'm not very good at being patient for things to work themselves out. please send me good calming vibes. i need it!

are we the only sick people around?? please say we're not alone. it seems like nothing we eat sits right in our poor tummies. :( chris is just getting pummled from all sides. we've been doing a lot of movie watching and napping....

so because of everything going on with chris' job, we had to cancel our vacation planned for this month. we were going to visit my brother micah in northern alberta, go to West Edmonton Mall, swing around through BC and visit kelly, and then come home. a nice road trip with our new car. we have been so excited and planning this for awhile. it was gonna be a nice "honeymoon" trip almost. but now we can't go.

needless to say, my husband is rather depressed.
and i'm sad.
and i don't know how to make things better.

sorry for complaining. i just needed to vent.

this weekend we're planning on visiting parents. saturday after work we'll go to wenatchee to see glen and christa, have dinner with them, and visit. been about a month and a half since we saw them. i have pictures to give them, so she'll be happy about that. then sunday is day two of my parent's circuit assembly and my dad has a part in it, so we're going to go see. it will be nice to see my family and also get a chance to see people from my old circuit.
friendly faces.
can't wait.

now back to my project!!!
have a great day everyone.


  1. well, i'm happy to hear about your sweet project which i can't wait to see/ hear more about! and about your weekend. i hope your little getaway this weekend makes everything else fade away ( even if just for a few days) and just think... only ONE more day until your 'holiday'. about your honeymoon/ canada trip....oh man that stinks. majorally! (i'm a little selfish in that, since i was excited to get together with you guys. ) no doubt,it will definately work out, but the waiting part does suck. i am NOT a patient person either. I always think "remember number 9" (fruits of the spirit) but it still rarely helps with my impatienceness ( is that a word?) that is awful about Chris' employer. augh! maybe the answer will come this weekend. anyways. maybe you can plan a different smaller, more economical honeymoon trip.... or maybe waiting a little longer will enable you to come up for a different special event up here.... anyways. feelin' for ya and looking forward to hearing how this weekend goes.

    about being sick.... i'd suggest pregnancy, but chris probably isn't pregnant. maybe its just the 'fall flu'. be pleased to get it over now AND be extra stoked that you get movie/ snuggling time with your honey. there's never enough of that to go around! ang

  2. hello!

    oh- i do hope this gets better! it will, in time- i'm sure. i can't say i know what you're going through- but lots and lots of love from here.


    p.s. i want to see this project!! :D

  3. Bummer about your trip! :( Maybe you guys can reschedule soon. And I hope you feel better soon! I feel your pain...I finally had to get on some meds b/c everything I ate made me sick. Hopefully yours is just a bug and will pass soon. Oh, and have fun at the assembly! Our one-day is in a few weeks, so I'm excited about that. :)

  4. Ohh man that sucks about yourr trip and girl dont I know all to well about wanting to cuzz out folks at the job, well for myself LOL .. and with us BOTH military .. UGH we have to bite and change plans all the time EECK.

    Well I cant wait to see ya project .. take care ..