Sunday, October 19, 2008

a quick layout.

tomorrow brings the newest prompt over at THe CrEative TyPe, but i've only got a minute online and won't be around for another few days, so i figured i'd be safe posting mine. :)
the idea is: take a shape and fill it with words. my shape: heart. my words: a letter to my hubs.

our "staycation" is going well. lots of movies. lots of yummy food. some job hunting. some crazy pictures. a visit from a friend. some sign language. lots of solitaire. tons of tickles and laughter. true love and falling deeper in love.
its perfect.

hoping your days are full of sunshine through the changing leaves and something to smile about...


  1. I love it! Glad you guys are having such a great vacation! :)

  2. omg, that is so freaking cute!!!!

  3. ooo I love that heart frame idea!

  4. oh how cute. love that idea!

  5. that is SO cute! love it!