Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things on my mind....
  • how cool it is that chris and i get to spend so much time together...and we don't get irritated with each other. :D
  • i <3> philly cheese steak lean pockets!! yum yum.
  • my eczema is really acting up lately cuz the weather is changing. :(
  • i can't wait to scrapbook with those pictures we took the other day. i've got some ideas in mind!!
  • chris taught me how to play FreeCell on the computer and now i'm addicted. makes me think and i like that. its like a puzzel with cards. i got sooo excited when i solved my first one. :P
  • i really wish that i had a better camera. mine is only 5 mega pixels and its just not doing the trick anymore. i would kill for a Canon Rebel... and then photoshop! dreaming.....
  • i'm thinking of switching purses. i'm usually one of those girls that ADDICTED to buying new purses...but i haven't gotten one since march when i found the perfect shaina purse! but now i'm feeling time for a change. so i'll pull an old one out of my closet. easier than spending money we don't have. brilliant! :P
  • tonight i'm heading to Moses Lake for a free seminar on medical transcription. i heard about it on the radio yesterday, and thought it might be cool. that's something that i could totally do while i'm sitting here all day at work. pretty much do two jobs at once. i have NO idea what it would entail to become one, like schooling or whatever, but i figure they'll let me know tonight. kinda excited!
  • tomorrow morning i've got an appointment at the family planning place in town to see if i qualify for the free birth controle. we don't have medical insurance anymore, cuz we had it though chris' work, so i need to figure something out. hopefully they'll be able to keep me on the YAZ, cuz that is working the best for me...balancing me out emotionally. its been really helpful with the PCOS symptoms. we'll see!
  • my mom said she bought a calendar for as a surprise i want to see it!
  • we have our circut assembly this weekend in Pasco. soooo looking forward to it! we've already been to sunday of it (in omak) but i'm anxious to hear it all again...and to TAKE NOTES!!! must do that. :P then i can share some of my favorite points on here! chris and i get the priveldge of helping with the contribution boxes again. so we'll be up and there really early!
  • we're going to stay at derek's apartment for the weekend (even though they're out of town). so it will be like a comfy hotel! and free. :D :D
  • hoping to get the stuff for derek and nina's invitations this weekend also, and get cracking on those. got to make 300 wedding invitations!! chris has offered to help. he's so good to me.
  • i've missplaced my adele cd and i'm missing it. :(
  • chris is sitting behind me working on a puzzel right now as i type. he is so cute. i love him bunches!
i think that's all.... :P
enjoy your evening!
can you beleive its almost November??


  1. I am so with you on the purse thing. I found several in the bottom of my closet. I know better, but I still want to buy a new one. My husband is overseas and is going to bringing some back for Christmas, so I must control myself.

  2. Lots on your mind now! I hope you qualify for the free BC. If not there, maybe somewhere else? Our health department offers it to certain income levels here. Oh, and cool about the medical transcription. I've considered going into that if I ever need to change careers. I don't think there's a lot involved other than taking a medical terminology class. I could be wrong...ANYWAY, enjoy the CA this weekend!! Ours isn't for a few more months. Have fun! :)

  3. Great pic! How'd the medical transcription class go? I (obviously after my pic yesterday, lol) need a new purse. I may dig one out of my closet too! Add a scarf on it or something and voila! A new purse! hehehe

  4. Oh my gosh look at your hair! WOW! You look so sweet in that pic. I Love it. And I love that you picked this post because it is such a great insight to your fun side. I switch purses ALL the time. ALL the time. So much so that I have it down to a system now. OH! that would be a great blog my system :) WOW, 300 people ? HOly MOly !

  5. What caught my eye was....5 megapixel camera! Wow, that is a flashback! Of course, now it's 2012 and I have an 8 megapixel camera but still....5 must have been from a long time ago... :)