Saturday, January 31, 2009

what a privilege

the design team for THe CrEative TyPe was asked to create for becky from PageMaps this month and i got to be included! seriously inspiring!! this pagemap totally pushed my creative boundaries and really got me thinking. i hardly ever use tiny pictures like this. too much fun!!

here is my pagemap and the layout i created:

i had so much fun working on this. thanks becky for the opportunity and to my gals over at THe CrEative TyPe... we totally rocked this!!

check out all the pagemaps for this month here!

and check out THe CrEative TyPe's newest prompt also.... retro fonts!! soooo much fun.

(ps. i will be back as soon as i can with pictures and the story from the Adele concert. seriously AMAZING!!! :)


  1. That page is AWESOME! You rocked it!!! Can't wait to hear about the concert! You are missed!!! And that is a major understatement!!!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. dude, you rocked that page!! it was totally fun to be a part of page maps! and i'm excited for the next creative type prompt!