Friday, January 23, 2009

kinda back, kinda not

:( so this computer is freaking out!! we're probably going to have to take it somewhere to completely clean the hard drive. the internet is kinda working today though, so i wanted to share!!

my dear friend dani and i decided to get together and do ART SLAM's a month worth of diptych's. we picked out 30 words and are each creating something based on that word for the day. we're not able to do it consecutively just cuz of my computer problems, but i wanted to share the four we've done already.





hopefully i can get some more completed soon! its fun creating as partner.
<3 ya dani!!


  1. it's so weird that you're not blogging all the time!! (-; i love what you and dani have been doing - it's turning out so awesome!! xo