Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the things i didn't do

i didn't permanently re-injure myself. no major harm done from my fal, but i'm still pretty gimpy (and whiny for some unlike me). and the x-rays hurt so bad!!!

i didn't make the CMK design team. :( but i'm so excited for all the wonderful ladies that did!!! i'm so glad i found that place. awesome, inspirational, encouraging people. :)

i didn't get nearly as much accomplished today as i had hoped and planned... but i did finish re-designing suzy's blog for her, and i got a project organized with my friend dani ( so excited to start this!!!)

i didn't eat healthy today... and i pretty much hate myself for it. there is no use spending money on a class that i can't even live up to in the first 3 days. so much for "love yourself in 2009."

its a day full of "didn't" s. maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. Eh well... tomorrow is another day! Your banner looks great!

  2. The thing about "didn't days," is that they end and then they're gone forever. I've ruined too many good things by thinking, oh well, I've messed up, so much for that. But no- I've learned by failing that it's okay to mess up. And that I have to find the motivation in my to do better the next day. The most extreme example I have of this is when I completely PIGGED out on Texas Roadhouse rolls and then ran 10 miles the next day- not exercise bulimia, it's just I had been working so hard, and it turns out that the "mess up" of extra carbs were just the push I needed to move ahead of the rut I was in. It was an amazing breakthrough, and something I don't think I'll ever forget.