Friday, January 14, 2011

i am beginning

i am beginning to change the things i feed my body.  i can already tell a difference.

i am beginning a new friendship from an old awkward acquaintance. 

i am beginning to do something just for me every day.

i am beginning to watch hair style tutorials.  i want to start to do more with my hair.

i am beginning to plan promotional ideas for my 52weeks book.

i am beginning to write my journal.  which has made this space a little quiet lately.  its seems that part of my embracing these new beginnings this year has been really stepping back and figuring out who i truly am.  what do i want my life to be, and how can i get there.  i know that  blogging will always be a part of me.  but i want to really define and calibrate my voice as a blogger, i want to be true to me and not feel like i need to compare myself with anyone else.  i want to look at my life and look at my blog (and online presence in general)  and feel like its ME.  i want to write and live from the heart.

this is the beginning.  and i like how its looking...  :)

ps.  the picture above is my OLW ring i purchased from this etsy seller:  tiny tokens designs.  really great price and lovely product.  im soooo happy with how it turned out.  its a positive reminder every time i look down at my hands. 


  1. you are beginning.. to get hooked on being erica. i love it. glad you could find it and enjoy it too!

    all the best with your new beginnings, they are worthwhile pursuits for sure.

  2. you... are wonderful.

  3. beautiful ring and beautiful post! ;)

  4. i like this post so much. beginnings are so hopeful and optimistic. great attitudes to have.

  5. Lovely! :) And yay, beginnings! what an awesome ring/reminder, too!