Wednesday, February 02, 2011

hello february

wow...all of the sudden february has arrived.  i thought last year went by fast, but 2011 is just zooming by.  i thoroughly enjoyed the little blogging break i gave myself in january.  i definitely needed the time to begin things, finish other things, and decide to begin new things.  its been a time of self-reflection and introspection. 

so, i guess that's kinda vague.  want some specifics??  :)
  • i have finished designing all the pages for my 52weeks book and can't wait to begin the next part of the self-publishing process
  • i was asked to create wedding invitations for a friend who got engaged last month and that got my mind literally spinning with ideas of creating print items (along with other things) as a business concept
  • i am working on a new blog design for myself and am wanting to learn as much as i can in the process because i want to start offering blog re-designs again.  i loved doing them in 08/09 and i would love to really develop my skills in design and implementation in blog interfaces
  • as you might have noticed in the above pictures, i am blond again!!  and i think this is the first time since i was 16 that i didn't do a before and after picture... crazy.  it was kinda spontaneous and i totally needed the feel of sunshine after weeks and weeks of the fog and gray that surround me
  • i wrote a few more poems to finish up my project and they are some of my favorites ever.  i am embracing the poet inside me again and it feels so freeing. 
so that's what's new with me.  how was your january??  what are your plans for february??

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