Friday, February 04, 2011

five really good things

 the ever inspiring and truly real liz lamoreux did a post like this on her blog and so i stopped to take the time to notice.  and let me tell  you, i super needed it today!  dealing with the public at my job has hit a max level of exasperation these last two days.

so now onto the positive.  my five really good things:
  1. we got our tax return today.  its not huge by any means (not like the other tax return checks i've been cashing at work.  they make me sick.) but for us its amazing!  with it we are going to be able to pay of a loan we have.  and that will free up $150 a month to pay on other things.  this is pretty much huge at this point in our financial life.  and it will put us in even better position to proceed with finding a home of our very own.  im pretty much stoked! ( we say that anymore?) 
  2. i have been really....well, floundering i guess, is a good word lately.  mostly struggling with "what i want to be when i grow up."  yea, i know im 24.  but im still figuring things out.  and in an effort to make some strides in that direction i am so excited to share that i will be participating in the upcoming Indie-Business Workshop 3.0!!  taught and hosted by some of my "living a creative life" heroes, this course is all about "starting, surviving and succeeding in the world of independent creative business."  my heart is pulling me in this direction and i can't wait to begin
  3. the winners of Can You Duet 2 on CMT put out an album and im pretty much smitten.  im not a huge country music lover (i have varied taste in music for sure) but enjoyed them on the show and their album is full of catchy and heartfelt songs.  my favorite on is called "eggs over-easy" all about being together and making breakfast on sunday mornings.  pretty cute.  i've been enjoying it today. 
  4. its friday so chris stays up later than on weekday nights (cuz he gets up at 3:30am for work) and we're headed to wenatchee to have dinner with his parents at our favorite Italian  restaurant Garlinni's.  just thinking about getting out of town is making me sooo happy right now! 
  5. sunflower seeds have been my constant companion this week.  im in a blissed out salt coma right now.  something about sunflower seeds just makes me happy.  so i indulge a little. 


  1. It's always good to pause for a moment and find the positives.

    We got a lot of snow here, so that just kind of makes everything a little bit harder, which tends to manifest in 'moments' let's say...

    I'm maybe one of those annoying pragmatists, but you should be happy that your tax return is small. I don't mean to sound like some sort of anti-government lunatic or something, but a tax return is essentially just extra money you gave to the government which they then gave back to you, with no interest. Where as if you had never 'given' them more money than what is required — that money could have been in your savings account earning actual interest for you. The less money you 'loan' the government - the better for you.

    So, when you see people get giant tax return checks, just be thankful you didn't give anyone an interest free loan ;) I always chuckle at my $80.00 check, last year I got $5.00 back from my State. That money serves you better when it stayed in your own accounts all along.

    None the less, congrats on paying off the loan! I have 1 loan left to pay off, after having just paid one off about 2 months ago. It's a nice feeling to not have to remember to send out one more check every month!

    It's also nice to enjoy some tunes & some tv, movies, or books - so keep yourself entertained & happy!
    : )

  2. Hey!! I'm also excited to start Indie Business 3.0! I'll be one of your classmates, nice to meet you! Your blog is lovely and I love your new blond hair. I wish I was brave enough to do that!