Monday, June 30, 2008

"we gonna party cuz its the weekend!!"
weekend update

i worked on saturday like usual. :) then chris picked me up and we headed down to wenatchee for band practice. now that we live in soap lake we are close enough for chris to make practice regularly and be back in the band. and that means i'm back wearing my "i'm with the band" t-shirt i made! :) yay. love it!

my boy...the singer

rory...the lead guitar
stewart... (he plays a mean...)drum

nate-dog...(not the bassist, but was giving it a go)...backup vocals and strings

good times!
i love these guys. they call themselves "thick&thin" lots of good memories with these guys. they are thinking of doing a gig at this place in wenatchee called "the raven." so we went there for dinner after practice to check it out. being saturday night there was band playing. they were called "another 5th" and were pretty good. interesting mix of instruments and the lead singer was from new zealand.
we had a really good time and the food was amazing!! hopefully the guys will be able to play there soon. its a great venue.

sunday chris and i just had a day home alone together. a much needed one at that. we slept, watched some tv, and talked. we also got out chris' guitar and my keyboard and played some music together. we're practicing for anthony and gwen's wedding in august. we are singing a song that chris wrote. love it! and we're getting it all together. it sounds really good if i do say so myself!

today i'm at work. its the end/beginning of the month this week, so its going to be pretty busy. i will probably be working every day, except friday of course, which is the 4th. we have plans in kennewick with my friend derek and his girlfriend nina. i'm so excited to meet her.

in other news: i signed up for a photography class on SIS. i'm so excited about it. it is 10 days long and just an online class with live chat with the teacher. should be fun.

i'm also already working on ideas for the new prompt up at TAIF. loving this idea! stay tuned for what i come up with! :)

have a great monday!

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