Wednesday, June 18, 2008

days of hospitals and real life
this is the hospital in wenatchee where chris and i have spent a lot of time this past week and a half. grandpa is still in critical care, but things are looking up. they are hoping to move him to a different wing of the hospital today.

but yesterday i got another call...
from chris' boss...
she took him to the Emergency Room in moses lake!!!!
so his parents and i got in the car and drove over there as fast as we could. turns out he has a virus in his ear and is suffering from extreme vertigo. my poor baby. so now he is off work for a couple of days and drugged up pretty good. hopefully he will be feeling better soon.

lets just say im sick of the hospital!
here he is this morning...sleeping...hopefully he does a lot of that today. it will help.


this morning my mom drove over from spending a week and a half in wenatchee. she showed up after their early morning shift at the hospital, and was tired. so i covered her with a blanket on our couch and let her take a bit of a nap. then we went to my favorite little restaurant here in soap lake called the tumbleweed cafe and had breakfast. so yummy!

dad sent her to see us, to check on chris, and to give us our anniversary present. it is a huge big clock to add to our wall of clocks!!! (see pictures below) so perfect! i have been wanting a big one like that for awhile now. it matches our house really well and is a great addition to my collection! loving it!

so now i'm back at work today. we're out of money so we will be staying home for a bit now. but we're glad we got to go and be with family through all of this.

right now i'm:
-hoping chris feels better by friday so he can go back to work and help with the inventory
-looking forward to our anniversary
-eager for the day to be done so i can go home and take care of my hubs
-glad my mom came to see us this morning
-happy kelly got a cell phone so i can text my best friend!
-praying that grandpa gets better soon
-loving that i got to hear my brother micah's voice on the phone

i also wanted to share some other things just from my everyday life.

i got a new cd the other day... SIA. she is a brilliant singer and the cd has a very jazzy feel to it. loving it so far.

also, chris and i have been watching a CMT original show called "Can You Duet?" its kinda like american idol but its country music and a duet. the season finale was this last week. my favorite duet caitlin and will (below) won!!! wahoo! i was so excited. i even got chris into watching this, and he hates country music! :P can't wait for their album to come out.

great singers....great music...great TV!

well, that's it for today...kinda a long post! :D

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