Sunday, June 15, 2008

on a pleasant note.....

its our one year anniversary in a week. i can't believe chris and i have already been married one whole year. in some ways its gone by so other ways it feels like we've always been together. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.

he has been so supportive this last week. we've made 4 trips to wenatchee to visit my grandpa and family in the hospital. chris has been with me the whole time. he is so kind and loving. i couldn't imagine my life without him now.

my brother michael is here from georgia to be with the family in the hospital. i haven't seen him in almost 3 years. good to see his face again. we used to be so close. it makes me sad how things change in life. i wish that i could have a good relationship with all of my siblings. but that doesn't always happen. i'm glad that he came up though. its a sad time, but its good to all be together.

grandpa is doing a little bit better today. they took him off the ventilator and his O2 stats are back where the docotors want them to be. he has been talking up a storm...telling norwegian jokes the the nurses and stuff. the doctors want him to be quiet and just rest, so they have pretty much kicked us all out of there for now. i wish everyone would just go and get some sleep. that would do us all some good.

my in-laws have been so kind this past week. they have let my parents and siblings stay in their house and fed them breakfast and dinner. a definate blessing in times like have a place to stay and not have to worry about how much its costing. they are such kind people. i love them.

chris is going home tonight because he has to work. i don't work until wednesday so i'm going to stay. chris thinks it will be a good thing for me to be here for my parents, even if i can't help at all with grandpa. i think he's right.

our congregation is having a little party for us next sunday for our anniversary. i really love all the brothers and sisters in our new hall. they are so kind and take care of us. its really starting to feel like home.

so, until next time... take care all.

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