Wednesday, June 25, 2008

anniversary festivities

the day started off perfectly...
we woke up early. stayed in bed and cuddled for a bit. gave each other our cards.
(the one he gave me was so sweet. his note said that this has been the best year of his life)
i cried a little. (imagine that)
and then gave him the book i made for him.
he looked at it, read each word, looked at every picture, savored each page (if a guy can savor) just like i hoped he would. he looked at it twice. he said he loves it.
that made me so happy.

then we got up and went to the meeting. it was a really good watchtower study. chris made a comment on one paragraph saying that he knew he was ready for marriage when he stopped worrying if the girl was good enough for him and started focusing on whether he was good enough for her. so cute. the article has really helped us with some decisions we've been making lately about our life. it is a beautiful thing to feel jehovah's spirit and direction in our life.

after the meeting and lunch we took our usual sunday afternoon nap. sun streaming in through the windows, fan going, perfect.

then we ate the top of our cake from our wedding. chris's mom had saved it for us and we picked it up last week. wow....still SO good after a year. white chocolate cake with hazelnut cream filling. yummy! we just took a couple forks to it!

then we went to the little party a sister in our congregation had for us. it turned out so nice. they made a dinner and invited a few families to come. we had such a great time. they had a cake for us, and gifts. we got a bunch of pampered chef stuff that chris is IN LOVE with.
we played dice and card games and stuff. good times. good new friends.
i'm so glad we're here.

flowers from the party. the sister had no idea these were my favorite flowers and the kind i used in our wedding. aren't they beautiful?

this is my good friend lisa that i made here in soap lake. she is a gem. she scrapbooks and is a photographer. i love spending time with her.

so that is all for now. all in all it was a wonderful anniversary. i can't wait for what our next year together brings.

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