Thursday, March 12, 2009

{things i love} thursdays

inspired by a newly discovered Flickr group, i'm going to start a series on my blog called: things i love thursdays. first i will be bringing you a mosaic of my current Flickr faves. i am addicted to this place, and am always finding some brilliant inspiration.
here is my mosaic for this week: (click on the links below to see these shots close up. they're worth a click!)

1. Untitled, 2. ., 3. Hitched., 4. Untitled, 5. the sun, 6. :D, 7. Nikki and Scott, 8. Self-acceptance (365/342), 9. family, 10. valentine :], 11. “The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”, 12. day three hundred thirty nine. from the bottom of my sole(s)., 13. love, 14. ... can make this world seem right, 15. ., 16. being brave eeeeeeek

next i'd like to share with you a fantastic (and addicting) site called Polyvore. my blogger friend holly linked it up on her blog this morning (check out her creations...they're FAB!!) and i had to take a look. this is the outfit i 'designed.' i call it: Purple Rain. a fun mix of orange, purple, and gray. <3 luv luv! what do you {love} today??
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  1. I'm lovin' the things you are loving! : )

  2. Okay, I just love #3 (Hitched) with that old truck painted so vividly! SO FUN!!

    Love this Thursday idea! :)

  3. I love the pictures you picked! There are some gorgeous ones there for sure!
    Cool outfit, too. Love the name! ;)

  4. Oh, I LOVE this Idea of a "what I love" thursday :) :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) So you have allready seen a little photo-collage of my fave things of a "allmost springy day".
    I also found another inspiring artwork on etsy:

    COOL isn't it?

    Have a great day.

  5. LOVE that purple orange and grey! i am loving that Martha Stewart talked about twitter on her show today and referred to the members as Twits. HAHA nothing against twitter just so funny!

  6. Love that word... serendipity. Very cool outfit... totally diggin' all the pix your showing. Have a great day! Amy Tara

  7. Oooohhh these are gorgeous pics. Love what you love ;).

    I have looked at polyvore before, but never actually played, must try that out! Love the oranges, grays and purples in that outfit. such great colors.