Thursday, March 19, 2009

{things i love} thursday
its that day of the week again! so much fun stuff on Flickr this week. *sigh* makes me feel better just looking at awesome pictures. :)
take a peek! they're worth clickin on, i promise!

1. early morning sun., 2. After a Meal, 3. 137/365/year2, 4. Week Twenty Six. (!), 5. (268/365), 6. 53/365, 7. it keeps on turnin'..., 8. Purple & Yellow, 9. 131/365/year2 hmm....i think i like this one best.

also this week THe CrEatiVe TyPe and Scrap Outside the Box have new prompts up! both of them are so creative and fun!

Prompt #13 for THe CrEatiVe TyPe is: "lyrical"
use song lyrics on your project. i created this mini (totally inspired by jen and her poladroid mini!) for marta with pictures and memories from our trip to seattle to see Adele. i called it: Chasing Pavements ~ the roadtrip.
here are pics of a few pages:
hope on over to see the other ladies creations. seriously, the DT just gets better and better!!!

Challenge #3 at Scrap Outside the Box is: "rubber bands"
create a layout with rubber bands. how fun is this?? and challenging! come play with us too!
here is my creation. i used pictures of my cousin hannah and her husband that i took a couple years ago for their anniversary.

now how bout some fun pictures from the bridal shower last friday?? oh yeah!! :D
the shower was held at the Renaissance Suite at the Red Lion Hotel. it was this huge room with a hot tub on the deck, a kitchenette, a bedroom with a king size bed, and two bathrooms. seriously the perfect place for a party!
it was your average bridal shower...lots of presents, good food, some wine, good friends. we played some fun games too. the "question game" for abi with questions about nate. the ones she got wrong she had to chew a peice of bubble gum. her mouth was sooo full!! good times!
we also split into 3 teams and created a wedding dress out of TP. abi chose her favorite, and my team won! it was a lot of fun!
after the party was over our group of girls (the bridal party and a couple friends) went downstairs to the lounge for karaoke night. there was even an 80 year old elvis impersonator! crazy fun night.
then, the best part of using the suite for the party is that we all got to stay overnight! hung out in the hot tub for awhile and fell into bed about 4am. WOW! crazy good time!
now for the pics:

"the ladies" front: abi (the bride) and me. back: brenna (maid-of-honor), lexie, jena, dana (bridesmaid) we had sooo much fun together!

singing "my humps" at karaoke night in the lounge at the hotel.

pretty dana and her wedding dress made of TP

i had so much fun! i'm getting so excited for this wedding!

well, that's it for me this thursday....
what did you come across that you just {loved}??
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  1. fun pictures and projects!!! have a great w/e! :)

  2. i looooove what you did with the rubber bands!!