Thursday, March 26, 2009

its thursday...
but there is nothing that {i love} about it! haha.

right now the shop that i work at is getting audited. yikes! big job to make sure everything is up to par. i'm knee deep in files and paper cuts!
so that's what i've been up to this week.
sorry i have been away...

chris and i are slowly getting over having Influenza A. dude...that sucked. chris is still coughing bad, like -cough till you choke- coughing. poor guy. :( feels like he's been sick forever!

on my days off this week i totally got some spring cleaning done! wahoo!! cleaned out our hall closet, our bedroom closet, and my little scrapbooking room. i had a big pile of stuff to donate that chris dropped off for me today. and now you can see the floor in my scrapbooking room. i don't really do much scrapping in there (mostly do it at work) so it kinda became the "dump-all" room.
look....the floor!! :P
my pile of donation stuff. lots of shoes!!

i am looking forward to the weekend though. friday night marta and i are going to a scrapbooking crop night at the local scrapbooking store. its been soooo long since i scrapped with friends. i'm really excited! i've got to get organized and have some projects ready to work on.
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  1. Hey, girl! You've been missed! Hope you have fun this weekend! Can't wait to see what you create!!!
    You're gonna love the memory foam! We got one a couple months ago and it's the reason I call our bed, the "magic bed". It's uuuhhh-mazing!!!! The first nite we had it, Brian said I didn't toss and turn all nite. Loove it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

  2. Doesn't it nice to get some spring cleaning done? I really really need to do that here! Glad you guys are getting over being sick...I feel his pain on the coughing thing. I've had my share of bronchitis and coughing till you choke. :op Have fun this weekend!!

  3. glad you guys are starting to feel better! hopefully you'll be 100% soon.

    yay for spring cleaning - I love cleaning and organizing. Makes me so happy.

    have fun at your crop tonight!!

  4. i love that you said Influenza! have fun at the crop!

  5. i love donating stuff.
    it always feels so liberating, huh?

  6. i understand being audited...i work at a bank, and auditing day is CRAZY!!! We normally have a good feeling when we are about to be audited because its a surprise, when someone has a dream about it...haha. Glad to see your scrap room floor!!

    <3 B