Sunday, November 21, 2010

exciting things on the way...

i am excited to share that i have begun work on my very own photography website!!  i have been working for the past year on building my portfolio and figuring out who i am as a photographer and what my style is.  it has been a rewarding, enlightening, exciting and worthwhile time in my life. 

so now im taking on the next step.  creating my online home.  when i heard Jasmine Star speak in Seattle at the WPPI Roadtrip she talked a lot about your online image as a photographer.  she said that your website is like your handshake and your blog is your voice. 

im hoping to have a nice firm handshake.  one that says:  hi!  this is me Shaina Longstreet.  and this is what i do. 

i think that an important part of that is having authentic headshots for your website so people can see who you really are.  fortunately i have a terrific photographer friend Marta VonGrey, and we got together for just that purpose.  i've been editing some of the pictures she took of me and wanted to share. 

i don't have an estimated "website live" date yet, but im working on it.  let me know what you think of my new headshots.  i'd love to hear your thoughts. :)


  1. you look beautiful!! good for you - I'm very happy for you, it takes guts to put yourself out there...(-:

  2. Awesome Awesome Awesome to be seeing a dream realized and taking the steps to get "there"!!! CONGRATS and BRAVO!!! I heard something on the radio the other day - if you want to get to the fruit you have to go out on a limb...beautiful idea. GO GIRL!

  3. Oh.,..PS...I only know "on line Shaina" and the middle shot is the Shaine I've come to know a bit...