Thursday, November 18, 2010


"vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love."

please watch this touching discourse on this woman's research of shame and empathy.  it is something the lovely viv shared with us in her "you are your own muse" class and i just had to share.  it moved me... i took notes... i am yearning to believe i am worthy.

one part that struck a cord with me in what she said was that "connection is a result of authenticity."  i feel like i have connected with so many of you through this online space and i want to take this time to thank you... 

thank you for making connections with me.  for your kind words and comments.  for you bravery in reaching out and for your time. 

thank you for being part of my journey.  thank you for helping me to embrace my vulnerability. 


  1. LOVE her! I sent one of her videos to my group counselling leader...I think sometimes that she crawled into my brain and touched all the parts of me that are hurting! Amazing!

  2. Hi, WOW! Thanks for sharing this video, it was awesome. So true... Cheers!