Tuesday, November 16, 2010

spencer is missing

last night about 5:30 we got a call from our friend, jess. spencer has been staying with her for about 6 weeks since our landlord said we couldn't have him at our house anymore. we got spencer from her, and its been a fabulous place for him to stay cuz he's with his doggy mum and dad and one other dog. he loves it!
but i guess yesterday sometime, the gate got open and all the dogs got out. (my friend said she thinks it was the PUD person checking the meter). when her son got home he saw that the dogs were gone, called his mum who came home early from work and they started searching. by 5:30 when she called they had found her other three dogs, but Spencer was no where to be found. we headed right there after she called and spent two hours in the dark ourselves searching for him and still nothing.
i was hoping maybe he'd be on her front porch this morning when they woke up, but no luck. he doesn't have a collar on cuz she says they fall off while the dogs are playing. im so worried someone just took him!!!
i have been frantic and almost beyond consoling since we found out. he's just a puppy and its sooo cold out at night.
we put an add on the radio, one is going in the paper today and we've got fliers up. hopefully someone will be honest and bring him home.

i'll keep you posted on how things go...  hopefully he'll turn up soon. 


  1. Oh I hope you find him soon! I went crazy when my Lily ran away. Luckily the neighbours found her and kept her safe. I'm sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Oh no! Here's hoping some kind person has taken him in, thinking he is a stray and will see your fliers and return him. You never know!

  3. Hi Shaina!
    I'm still thinking about you and your sweet Spencer! I too hope that if he's been found someone will be honest enough to return him! I really feel for ya... ((HUGS))!