Monday, November 15, 2010

just not right now

there are many aspect to ACCEPTANCE...and a lot of them are explored in our journal prompts found on our industry exclusive Inspiration Page over on our website.  the one that really matches the emotions i've shared in this next page is:
Giving In: What have you experienced that has forced you to give in to life’s twists and turns? Have you faced circumstances outside yourself that have challenged you to accept things that have caused you pain?

 lately it seems my life has been full of twists and turns and things beyond my control.  i chose to focus on just two of those things for my layout:  spencer and our house.
my journaling says:  right now our puppy spencer cannot be with us.  i miss his sweet face and his little puppy sighs so much.  it is hard to accept that right now he isn't part of our lives.  but soon our family will be complete again.  right now we don't have a house to call our own.  we thought that this house was it, but life had other plans.  it is hard to accept that right now we are floating.  but soon i know we will have a home together.  

want more ideas for scrapbooking ACCEPTANCE for yourself?  come peek at our challenges and Inspiration page.  i know i'll want to dig deep with us. 

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