Wednesday, November 03, 2010

pitter patter of my heart

lately i have been spending time thinking about the types of things i am drawn to... like what captures my imagination visually, am i detail oriented or to i love big picture moments, what do i like to turn my viewfinder on.  i am searching deeper into who that makes me as an artist.  i am discovering my personal visual voice.  this is of course thanks to the lovely Vivian McMaster and her You are Your Own Muse class that i am so honored to be a part of.  i have learned a lot through this year's 52weeks project, but in just this first week of class my perspective has changed.  i know that i am not afraid to step into my pictures, in fact i love knowing that i always have a subject for my photos!  but my focus is shifting... i am yearning to tell more of my story. 

so in response to this yearning, i wanted to share something that has really caught my attention this week.  Nancy shared some artwork over at the SFTIO forum as a source of inspiration for our theme this month.  and one particular image really stood out to me... because i'd seen this artist's work before and i had forgotten how much it touched the artist inside me.

the artist's name is Stina Persson.  and she makes magic with watercolors.

this last one is the one that was familiar to me... i saw it in a magazine and still have the page safe in a folder somewhere. 

i am struggling with the words to explain why i am so drawn to these images.  i think they have hearts and souls of their own.  through line and color they tell a story. 

that is what i am aiming to do in my own art and medium of choice: self-portrait photography.  through line and color and heart tell my story. 


  1. Those are some spectacular compositions!

  2. How beautiful!!! I have not seen this art before but it is gorgeous - it just looks so spontaneously beautiful with the watercolour effects- - like the image has suddenly appeared or something. Thanks for the link form SFTIO :)