Sunday, November 28, 2010

winter adventures

so winter has arrived.  this year it did not have a graceful entrance... normally it eases its way in with a "oh are you this year?"  but not 2010!  its has arrived with a banshee scream and maniacal laughter while saying "oh this is going to be so much fun!!" 

but its not fun.  not even a little bit. 

last week chris got his garbage truck stuck in the snow...twice.  they had to call a tow truck to get him out.  he had on 17 hour day because of it.  he came home so sure his toes were frost bitten. 

and then came the best part.  the water froze out in our back house.  ever since things fell through with the purchase we have barely gone out there...we were just using it for storage and haven't really given it much thought.  but we should have... cuz the pipes back there froze and we had no hot water in the main house.  so we got right on it...turned the heat way up, but a space heater right by the pipes and it was back the next day.  but then this morning for some reason chris decided to go out there.  and its a good thing he did!!  two pipes and burst and we had water GUSHING out and all over all of our things.  we have no idea how long it had been running back there, but it is a MESS.  chris jumped under the house and was able to find the turn off to the back house water and we got it stopped (minus a persistent drip).  and since then we've been sopping up all the water with all available towels.  what a disaster. 

chris squishing the water out of the towels before we put them on a spin cycle in the washer.

the pipes that burst are under the counter on the left. 
 so its been quite a week....  unfortunately our landlord lives on the other side of the mountains and can't get over here to look at the damage or fix anything.  we shall see what happens...

but all of this madness makes me SO UNBELIEVABLY GLAD that the purchase of this place didn't go through.  we were not supposed to have this house.  and this is becoming more and more clear as it slowly falls down around us. 

we are eagerly searching for a new place to live. 
please keep us in your thoughts.

in the meantime, i can take cool pictures of the frost and snow.  there has to be some good thing that comes with winter, right?!  :)

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  1. You poor thing!! We have had our pipes freeze a couple of times, but thankfully they have never burst. I'm sorry yours did! :(

    We've been hearing about how bad your weather is up in the PNW. Hubby's cousins went to visit family in Montana and couldn't come home when they were supposed to because of the passes being closed. We're heading to Renton next week for a quick visit...I hope the weather is better by then!