Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Week 11

I am working on getting back to my routine and schedule…blog posts included. And so I’m back to sharing my 52weeks project from 2010. I did a whole year of self-portraits and poems and I’m currently re-sharing with a fresh “two-years-later” perspective. Interested in seeing this from the beginning? Click HERE. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photos, the poetry or even just what they make you feel. Please feel free to share. line2


I will remember today
years from now; someday
when the mists of the unknown
become the clear skies of tomorrow.
I am stronger than yesterday
more alive in some way
to break down to nothing but
salt-water stains
and start over again...
to renew the spirit within.


I think I am finally really living the “tomorrow” that I wrote about here. I have cleared away the mists of the unknown and taken control through gratitude, celebration and answered prayers. I used to live in tears and still cherish the cleansing power of them, but I am smiling so much more now. I almost can’t contain my joy. In 2011 I chose to “begin” on this journey, not quite sure where my life was leading, but through 2012 and the days leading up to right now I have found my “flourish”…I have found my true spirit within. I am appreciative of all I’ve been through, but I am not looking back anymore. Not wishing things could be how they used to be again because I am thriving in my current. I am so glad to have this space online where I can watch the journey unfold. Thank you, readers for being a part of it.

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