Thursday, November 08, 2012

Worth Sharing…


Here are some things lately that I’ve loved and that have stuck with me. I don’t have as much time to spend online lately so I try to make my time worthwhile and find uplifting and encouraging things to read. I hope you find them so too.


>>>> A few of my recent favorite inspiring and beautiful images from the people I follow on Instagram. 1//2//3//4


>>>> I loved all 8 tips Jenny included in her Decorating on a Budget post. The “paint last” one was surprising, but makes a lot of sense.

>>>> 15 ways to stay married for 15 years…Some I agree with, some I don’t, but an interesting read nonetheless. There are a lot of great comments on the post too.

>>>> Pictures printed as blueprint or engineering copies. Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess shared some of the ones she got made from family pictures and then over at Design Editor they shared these great camera prints and even have a free download of the camera images. Great idea for cheap large prints and I totally want to try it soon.


>>>> Creating business cards for my blog is on my to-do list and I love how Savannah’s from Maiedae turned out. Great colors and design.

>>>> I’ve been craving a change of hairstyle lately and have been pinning caramel colored highlights. There is a brand new Hair Diaries post in the works! (hint*hint)


>>>> The best color study post I’ve seen in a very  long time.

>>>> Finding Ella. A post from my favorite blog to just read. Her writing moves me.


What are you {loving} this week?
Do you have a favorite blog that you love to read?
What is inspiring you lately?

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