Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week Eight


once upon her skin
now they lay upon mine
a delicate string of pearls
connect us through time

a deliberate consciousness
to savor our connection
her blood runs through my veins
i can see her in my reflection

an elusive creature
a woman i barely knew
was taken before memories
was taken too soon

one day we will meet again
grandmother and granddaughter
the foundation of our lives secure
never will it totter


This poem is about my mother’s mother, a grandmother I never got the chance to know… and the pearls I am wearing in the picture belonged to her. My mum shared a little more about her with me recently, and it turns out that I come by my lack of skills in the kitchen honestly! It made me feel so much better about myself knowing that she wasn’t the best cook either. Good thing I have Chris! This poem also means more for me now that I have lost my other grandmother too…my dad’s mum. In November it will be a year since she passed away. I think about her a lot, and how much of her I never got to know either. I miss her. But the Bible hope of resurrection that I wrote about in this poem holds even more meaning for me now, in both of their cases. I know that one day soon I will see them both again and get a chance to really know them. That hope sustains me through the sad days.

Have you lost someone you love?
Do you have mementos that remind you of them?

line2Wondering about this post? I am sharing my 52weeks project from 2010 each week on my blog and analyzing the image and the poem with fresh eyes two years later. For an explanation of the project and to start at the beginning click HERE.

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  1. I have a pill box that belonged to my grandma that I gave to her as a birthday present when I was too little to remember giving gifts, but what I do remember was whenever she would bring out the box when we'd eat at a restaurant I'd ask her who gave her the box, and she'd say, "This little girl I know."