Thursday, April 01, 2010

MARCH 2010: i fondly remembered my husband's sweet proposal to me on the 3-year anniversary of that day, went in service with my mum, took photos of myself wearing a beautiful scarf i got as a gift, i entered a giveaway for a fabulous camera, almost quit our play 3 times, chris made me eggs Benedict at home (my favorite breakfast!), fell off the stage backwards at the theater, found an artist from my childhood and reveled in memories, made plans for my first maternity shoot, tried to help my husband find a new job, changed my hair again, did some more digi scrapbook pages, continued to learn and develop my editing skills on, listened to this song over and over, saw spring come to my backyard, took family pictures for my cousin hannah and her sweet little family, dealt with drama in the best way i could, ate organic eggs, borrowed my friend marta's camera and fell in love with her prime lens, visited with my mum a bunch, celebrated the Memorial of Christ's death, ate dinner with friends a lot, progressed even further in my medical transcription course, had food taste really weird to me most of the time, found inspiration in this video, drank way too much coffee, lost our main lead singer in the play, fought with money and our plans for the future. what a month!!

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  1. I love these month-end summaries you do on your blog. I might need to start doing that as well. :)