Saturday, March 13, 2010

apparently its that time again...

for a fresh new hair-do! is it strange how happy this makes me!? lol.
here is my before and after.

once again we were up late in my cousin hannah's kitchen mixing a concoction of color to see what we could come up with. it is the most perfect auburn color (after it was pink, mauve, and green of course! lol). hannah rocks the color + cut. we also decided to leave a little peek-a-boo highlight in from my blonde. i love how it turned out!

thanks hannah for another great appointment in the "interactive hair salon" known as your apartment! i always have a great time and leave completely in love with my hair. :D


  1. Not strange at all! I love fresh, happy hair, makes me feel so good.

    This looks great on you, love the highlight as well!